Qualitywings Status Update (1/2018)

Um es kurz zu machen – B787 Service Pack 1 (FSX) wird momentan getestet. Die Veröffentlichung von SP1 soll simultan mit der P3DV4 Version erfolgen. B757 aktuell im P3D beta Test. Bae146 folgt auf die beiden Boeing Modelle. Komplettes Statement findet Ihr unter weiterlesen.

We’re aware that it has been pretty quiet around us lately so let me give you a quick update on where we stand with things.

Ultimate 787

The work for Service Pack 1 is largely complete and we’re currently testing all changes / bugfixes along with the P3Dv4 version of the plane. We’re pursuing a simultaneous release of SP1 for FSX and the P3Dv4 version so that both variants are on the same status. The process of converting the plane to P3Dv4 has had some surprises for us and since many P3Dv4 specific features are new to us it has taken some time to develop and test the required techniques to create quality content.
We are still working our way through ironing out some bugs that have been identified by our Beta team but are optimistic to be done with that relatively soon. The service pack takes care of many high priority items and introduces new functionality that we hope you appreciate. Within the next few weeks, we will provide a list of those items that we have addressed during the this cycle to give you an idea of what to expect for the Service Pack.
For the P3D version you can expect the following new features:
  • TrueGlass rain effects (P3D only)
  • Dynamic lighting (P3D only)
  • High resolution displays (P3D only)
  • ND: Airport Map taxiway, runway and gate highlighting
  • Config Page entry for PauseAtTOD and 1xAtTOD
  • Panel state automatically saved whenever the user saves the flight in the FSX menu
  • Support for key assignments for autopilot / autothrottle events
  • Config option to set location of Activesky Snapshot files
Further functionality for the 787 will be introduced by means of a Product Improvement Package (PIP). We will share more information on that later this year.

Ultimate 757

The 757 is currently undergoing beta testing in P3Dv4. The release will happen after the 787 has been released.

Ultimate 146

We are currently not beta testing the 146 in order to be able to focus on the 787 and 757. It has, however, underwent all the rework that is required for P3Dv4 compatibility and is being tested internally. Once the Boeings are out of the door we will ship out the 146 to our Beta team and try to get that one released as soon as possible.
That is it for now. Thank you for your continued support.


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