Neue Version von SSGs B747 für X-Plane

Die Supercritical Simulations Group hat die Version 2.3 für ihre Boeing 747-8i herausgebracht.

Es handelt sich um ein recht umfangreiches Update, dass sowohl visuelle als auch systemseitige Verbesserungen für die X-Plane Queen of the Skies beinhaltet. Neben dem 3D-Model wurden flexible Flügel, die Ram Air Turbine, PBR Texturen und diverse Animationen hinzugefügt.

Intern wurden viele Systeme, vor allen Dingen das FMS, verbessert. Die Featureliste zeigt die vielen Änderungen:

External Model
– FPS improvements, especially in Vulkan/Metal but also works well in OpenGL.
– the complete external model was revised and many new UV fixes were made.
– Fixed an error where the magenta track was off-center when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles.
– Complete a new set of PBR textures.
– New custom-designed external lighting.
– Added Freighter main deck lights.
– Added working Ram Air Turbine (RAT) and logic/systems.
– Added electrical system dependency to certain cargo door operations.
– Added details to the landing gear.
– Improved particle system, including added fuel jettisoning and potable water draining.
– Improved internal lights.
– Fixed CDU and general instrument brightness.
– Added crew lavatory to Intercontinental.
– Added crew rest to Intercontinental.
– Some texturing fixes were made.
– Added more button sounds and animations.
– Added RAT to the hydraulic system.
– Added the second GPU for better system behavior.
– Updated the automatic connection between electrical sources and bus ties.
– Updated fuel, hydraulic, electrical, and other synoptic pages.
– Improved the EICAS advisory message behavior and reset button function.
– Added/revised fuel advisory messages.
– Added emergency lights message.
– Fixed engine #3 starting/shutdown logic.
– Fixed and revised the external lights system and its power sources.
– Updated behavior of the leading edge flaps and spoilers/speed brakes during all flight phases.
– Added pitch limit indicators to the PFD.
– Added fuel and electrical dependencies to APU starting.
– Updated the wiper system to include independent control and added the cycle time for intermittent settings.
– Updated some system sounds and added some new sounds for the improvements in this version.
– Updated caution warning sound.
– Fixed some manipulators such as vertical speed dial and autopilot disengage.
– Fixed flaps up command for VREF + 100.
– Increased the route legs list to 25 pages.
– Fixed an error where the magenta track was off-center when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles.
– Improved Navigation Display (ND).
– Improved VNAV and LNAV logic.
– Fixed throttles when advanced, now if TOGA is pressed, the throttles advance from their present position.
– Fixed a bug that when STAR was changed, LNAV control was negatively affected.
– Fixed an error where the magenta track was off-center when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles.
– Fixed error when autopilot changed from FLCH to V/S mode and vice versa.
– New ND terrain display with automatic terrain detection.
– Improved holds to be more accurately flown.
– Fixed airways entering, which was not recognized in some situations.
– Improved the FD bars to be more accurate during takeoff and before autopilot mode connection.
– Improved steps as displayed on ND in MAP mode.
– Added green range arc during the climb.
– Fixed Index page with LK6 opening an incorrect page.
– Fixed some STARs that did not appear in the last DEP/ARR pages.
– Fixed the autopilot not following some SIDs properly.
– Improved stability with strong crosswinds.
– Fixed some click areas.
– Improved fuel load sequence to match real loading behavior.
– New details were added over the entire external airframe.
– Added “Cold and Dark” start options.
Updated manuals
– SSG 747-8 V2 Quick Start Guide.pdf
– SSG 747-8 V2 FCOM.pdf

Das Update kann über den Skunkcrafts Updater installiert werden und ist kostenfrei.