IndiaFoxtEcho – MB-339 Update

Im März hat IndiaFoxtEcho die MB399 aufgewertet mit höheren Details, verbesserten Funktionen, einem weiteren Modell und verbessertem Sound. Die Changelogs:

Version 1.21
– Added A-MLU Model (as separate aircraft)
– Improved internal engine sounds (jet whine volume increased)
– Rear pilot figure of MB-339 pan has now HGU-55 helmet and olive drab suit (as
most commonly seen IRL)

Version 1.20
Quality of Life improvements:
– remastered all external textures with higher detail
– changed HSI DME last digit animation (now continuous)
– fixed landing gear extraction and damaging speeds
– fixed bug that caused deletion of panel cover if gunsight is removed from A model
– decreased FD vertical bar sensitivity
– changed rule of GS engagement from GS ARM
– improved engine dynamics
– redone Wwise engine sounds, based on real world samples
– fixed minor bug in Tacan/Frequency conversion
– fixed minor bug in RDU display not showing the correct frequencies for COM1 in
some case
– added indication of X/Y Tacan channel
– improved cockpit self shadowing
– rear view mirror are now foldable
– added gear warning sound and silencer
– added streamers and covers if the aircraft is parked
– added underwing pylons to A model (add any weight to the relevant load station)
– added external fuel tanks to A model (add at least 51lbs to releval station –
cosmetic only)
– fixed VR cockpit collisions
– fixed external light bug introduced by Sim Update 3
– fixed external views HUD
– added g-stain sound
– fixed minor inaccuracies in warning test switch behavior
– fixed minor bug preventing fine adjustment of OBS in some cases
– GPS number keys can now be used to select waypoints (1 to 10)