Beta 2.6.0 von LittleNavMap released

Eines der besten Freewaretools mit einem ungeheurem Funktionsumfang ist LittleNavMap von Alexander Barthel. Das Informations- und Flugplanungstool unterstützt MSFS nun besser, bietet aber auch für die anderen Sims etliche neue Features!

Notable Changes from Release 2.4.5 to 2.6.0.beta

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 support. Little Navmap detects MSFS installation paths, can read the scenery library, follows user aircraft and can save/load flight plans also with procedures. See MSFS Limitations in the detailed changelog for known issues. Star airports in MSFS get a five star rating in Little Navmap.
  • Oceanic tracks: NAT, PACOTS and AUSOTS. Visible on map and can be used in flight planning as well as for automatic plan calculation. See Flight Plan -> Download Tracks.
  • Multi-export: Export more than one flight plan format at once with just one click. Formats and paths are configurable. See File -> Multi Export Flight Plan Options.
    Improvements to logbook: A log entry now gets track and flight plan attached which can be saved or shown in preview.
  • Improved flight plan calculation. Can now calculate across regions which are void of airways. Can use oceanic tracks, avoid RNAV airways and more options. Flight Plan -> Calculate Flight Plan.
    Little Navmap now uses its own flight plan format which allows removing most of the warning dialogs. Flight plan saving and loading logic has changed completely.
  • User can add remarks or comments on flight plan and flight plan waypoints. See tab Flight Plan Remarks in
  • Flight Planning dock window. Right click on flight plan waypoint in plan table or map and select Edit Flight Plan Position Remarks.
  • Program suggests to create a recommended folder structure on first startup. Click Do not show this dialog again and press Cancel if you do not like this.
  • Better map context menu with sub-menus for easier selection of actions if more than one map object is below clicked position.
  • Replaced title bar information for mouse hover in elevation profile with tooltip window showing more information.
  • User can now select font for user interface and map display. Options dialog on pages User Interface and Map. See b612-font for an open source font used in aviation.
    Free user interface language selection (if translation available). Change this in the dialog Options on page per User Interface
  • Fullscreen mode maximizes map on one click or key press of Shift+F11. See Window -> Fullscreen Map.
  • Save and load window layouts for dock windows. This also saves toolbar positions and the main window size. See menu Window. Layouts are saved separately for both normal and fullscreen mode.
  • Optionally focus and raise dock windows or main window on mouse hover. Change this in Options on page User Interface.
  • Option to disallow docking windows from snapping back to main window when moving around. Can be toggled in menu Window -> Show all floating Windows.
  • Many changes in user interface for more usability. Better error reporting for flight plan and other issues.
  • Added new map display options. Text size and line width for airways, labels for measurement lines, airport diagram features and more. See dialog Options on pages Map Display and Map Display 2.
  • Now reading and showing X-Plane frigate and carrier as AI.
  • Many drawing issues fixed like disappearing lines near the date line, problems with procedures and symbols popping out at the map window border.
  • Tear off toolbar button menus, e.g. for userpoints. Click the dashed line to move the drop down menu to its own window.
  • SimConnect library is included now. A FSX SP2 SimConnect installation is not required.
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3 Jahre zuvor

Und wer dieses empfehlenswerte Progamm noch nicht kennt, hier der link: 🙂

Günter - simFlight
Günter - simFlight
Beantworten  Piloteur
3 Jahre zuvor

Sorry, Link vergessen, jetzt ergänzt. Danke!

3 Jahre zuvor

Wirklich ein tolles Programm (mit ganz vielen Icons).

Unglaublich, wie viele Funktionen der Entwickler da auf engstem Raum vereint und auf geniale Weise bedienbar gemacht hat (Flugplanung, Airport-Informationen, Luftfahrzeug-Daten, Moving Map von oben und vertikales Flugprofil von der Seite inkl. der Darstellung des Höhenprofiles der Landschaft unter dem Flieger.

Sowohl für VFR als auch für IFR sehr zu empfehlen.

Wolfgang Omsy
Wolfgang Omsy
Beantworten  MikeJuliet
3 Jahre zuvor

Habs zum ersten mal downgeloaded. Muss mich mal da reinstöbern. Schaut aber sehr gut aus.

3 Jahre zuvor

Danke für die Info. Littlenavmap ist mein absolutes Lieblingstool zur Flugplanung. Super, dass es jetzt auch mit MFSF funktioniert. Und das alles als Freeware! Danke an den Entwickler!