Zwei auf einen Schlag…Seattle

Drzewiecki Design haben heute die Stadtumsetzung von Seattle – Seattle City X – und die Erweiterung des Seattle Airport X Paketes veröffentlicht. Gerade letzteres enthält, neben Verbesserungen der bereits in der ersten Veröffentlichung enthaltenen Flugplätze, die neu Umsetzung des Seattle Tacoma Airports. Zu bekommen ist Seattle City X für 29,75€ und das Airport Paket für 41,65€ im simMarket. Käufer des ersten Aiport Paketes können für 14,28€ upgraden.Seattle City X

Seattle City X is our next milestone in a city scenery development featuring a highly detailed model of Seattle, WA. A vast scenery coverage, uncountable amount of custom-made objects and surprisingly good performance gives you a true feeling of immersion into the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Feel free to sightsee the entire downtown area including the viewing deck of the Space Needle, pay a visit to the Microsoft Headquarters or check out gorgeous lakes with your favorite seaplane. This product is compatible with FSX-based platforms including Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D). Please note that this product does not include any airports (except for S55 and S60)) but is fully compatible and designed to work together with Seattle Airports X.

S C E N E R Y    F E A T U R E S

Seattle, WA scenery with over 2000 custom-made buildings including whole downtown area in 3D plus other landmarks, bridges, harbours and marinas, heliports and seaplane bases (S55 and S60), trains, trams, containers, ships, boats and other objects, all with night textures.
Large scenery area (Federal Way – Everett – Redmond) with summer, winter and night textures, custom mesh, custom car traffic and a detailed autogen.
Mount Rainier is included with an optional 2m mesh.
Highly detailed Space Needle tower with Avatar Mode compatible interior
Highly advanced performance-friendly design, numerous optimization techniques used, the Lite Texture Pack provided.

Seattle Airports X

S C E N E R Y    F E A T U R E S

High quality Seattle airports in the most up-to-date versions possible
Extensive though performance-friendly internal modeling, accessible in the Avatar Mode (P3D) including Boeing Everett Factory (the whole assembly building with 747, 777 and 787 assembly lines), both delivery centers of Boeing (at KBFI and KPAE) and all terminals at KSEA.
SODE jetways and automatic seasonal switching, many custom animations, advanced lighting (user controlled at wish)
High quality static aircraft, custom reflections, animated vehicles, 3D people, custom mesh
Custom-made airport diagrams with original stand numbers used by Boeing.
Highly advanced performance-friendly design, numerous optimization techniques used, the Lite Texture Pack provided