WorkingTitle CJ4 Mod: großes Update (0.8.0 beta)

Die Entwicklergruppe “WorkingTitle” hat in der MSFS Moddingszene mit ihren Modifikationen der G100/3000 und dem A320X sich bereits einen Namen gemacht. Die CJ4 haben sie ebenfalls seit einiger Zeit unter ihre Fittiche genommen. Inzwischen sind sie bei v0.8.0 Beta angelangt, einem großen Meilenstein, der deshalb Erwähnung finden soll. Den Download gibt es auf der entsprechenden GitHubseite. Ein ausführliches Video, welches die Features erklärt, gibt es auf YouTube

Working Title CJ4 0.8.0 Beta Features Showcase – YouTube



🆕 Key Features

  • Custom Flight Plan Manager
  • Vertical Navigation (VNAV)
  • Custom Lateral Navigation
  • RNAV capability with LPV
  • Improved FMA Display
  • Sound overhaul (WIP)
  • PFD/MFD improvements (a lot)
  • Map improvements
  • Many many more…

Custom Flight Plan Manager

  • Independent from MSFS flightplan
  • Much improved procedure data, even when using the stock NavBlue data
  • Modifiable approaches
  • Appropriate discontinuities
  • Direct-to to any fix on the plan at any time
  • Correct vectors, heading-to-altitude, and intercept legs

Vertical Navigation (VNAV)

  • Full support of all CJ4 VNAV modes including VVS, VFLC, and VPATH
  • Continuous vertical path calculation
  • Display of vertical path snowflake
  • Display of required vertical speed donut to meet next restriction
  • Display of TOD on the map
  • Overhauled altitude modes including ALTS and ALTV
  • Ability to add custom altitude restrictions in FMC LEGS page

Lateral Navigation

  • New lateral navigation over the top of existing AP
  • Greatly improved bank response and turn performance
  • Supports correct discontinuity behavior
  • Compatibility with the new Flight Plan Manager
  • Much improved ILS APPR capture success rate


  • Ability to fly RNAV procedures at all times
  • Correct sensitivity scaling for the enroute (2NM), terminal (1NM), and approach phases (.3NM)
  • Correct PFD annunciations for navigational sensitivity
  • Full LPV approach support, including correct increasing angular sensitivity as distance to threshold decreases
  • Full AP support of APPR and GP modes for RNAV approaches


  • Proper flat rating of engine for consistent performance at varying field elevations and temperatures
  • TO and CLB throttle detents with indication on MFD N1 display
  • FADEC properly targets increasing thrust curve and N1 with altitude in CLB
  • Full CRZ throttle range


  • Reserve fuel can now be changed
  • Revised the format of the FLPN page to better match the real unit, especially for approaches
  • Approach ref temp of zero can now be entered


  • Light off occurs at 12% N2
  • Performance adjustments to fit climb profile using FADEC


  • Complete overhaul of the PFD Flight Mode Annunciator to match the correct CJ4 mode symbology
  • IAS hold will now automatically switch to Mach when the values are the same
  • IAS/Mach button switch now captures current mach number
  • Added ability to adjust BARO minimums and added minimums aural callout
  • Added altitude capture aural alert and flashing altitude selection indicator
  • Added FMC waypoint sequence alerting: waypoint ident and distance will flash 5 seconds before sequencing
  • Course needles now smoothly swing to position as per the real display
  • Fixed an issue where the upper panel knob also controlled menus in the MFD
  • Added Radio Altimeter (visible at 2,500′ AGL and less)


  • Added “NO FLIGHT PLAN” to ROSE/ARC modes when no flight plan detected
  • Added “DISCONTINUITY” to ROSE/ARC modes when discontinuity is reached
  • Icons updated for airports, waypoints, and intersections
  • Added correct label font and sizing for map labels
  • Procedures should now be drawn more accurately to how they appear in the procedure charts
  • Temporary flight plans (modifying a route) now displays as a dashed white line

New Sounds (work in progress)

  • Engine exterior and interior run, start, stop
  • Avionics fans
  • Spoiler drag, Gear drag, extend, retract
  • Cockpit wind and rain
  • FMS, AP panel, DCP, CCP, and soft buttons
  • Aurals (Altitude Alert, Minimums, AP disconnect, Caution/Warning, Landing Gear, Pull up, Overspeed, Sink Rate, Don’t Sink)
  • Removed TAWS System Test (To be replaced with accurate sound)


  • New camera presets (pax, lavatory etc.)

Navigational items not currently implemented but scheduled for future updates

  • Holds and procedure turns
  • FMC INTC CRS capability
  • VNAV Vertical Direct-To Fix
  • Manual Point/Bearing or Point/Bearing/Distance fixes
  • Route offsets
  • LNAV/VNAV approaches. Currently all RNAV approaches use LPV in APPR mode due to no minimums type information in the available navdata.
  • Going direct-to on the LEGS page does not give you an EXEC option, it will automatically execute.

⚠️ Known Issues

  • Sync to the game flightplan (ATC/VFR Map) is very much work in progress and turned off by default. You can enable this feature in MOD SETTINGS on the FMC.
  • Some external applications that use the GPS/Flight plan SimVars may not function correctly or as expected.
  • Loading and saving flights can occasionally have bad results.
  • Custom liveries can render FADEC inoperative if they ship with a panel.cfg. You must uninstall them or remove their panel.cfg from the livery folder. This is a limitation of the existing livery system.
  • Autopilot modes cannot be triggered via keybindings or controllers and must currently be triggered in the cockpit with the mouse.
  • Due to sim autopilot bank rate limitations, the aircraft may overshoot on certain RNP approaches with tight turns. If you encounter this, we recommend handflying the approach with the given lateral and vertical guidance.
  • Sometimes when turning more than 90 degrees onto an approach segment, VNAV might give a NOPATH condition because it sees that you are too high. Engage FLC or VS and descend down and it should recapture the path.
  • Very long legs may display some constant cross track deviation on the map and course needles. The plane will still track properly towards the fix. This will be addressed later in the beta.
  • The FMS may stop sequencing your fixes while in APPR mode on an ILS.
  • The FMS now builds turn anticipation into direct-to course projection. However, you will still encounter some overshoot beyond 90 or so degrees.
  • VOR waypoints in the flight plan do not display an icon on the map except when active (to be fixed).
  • If for whatever reason, you find that VNAV is not behaving as expected, try and turn it off and on again.


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impressive, to say the least!

das müßte die kostenpflichtige CRJ ja dann zumindest auch alles beherrschen 🙂