Service Pack für Carenado Cessna 337

Vor gut einer Woche hat Carenado die Cessna 337 Skymaster veröffentlicht. Gestern hat Carenado nun mit dem Service Pack 1 für die Skymaster nachgelegt. Wer die Cessna nach dem 07.09.11, 16h GMT gekauft hat, hat bereits die überarbeitete Version bekommen. Alle anderen Käufer finden das Update bei Carenado. Um zu erfahren, welche Punkte in das Update eingeflossen sind, bitte 

Released September 7 2011, 1700 GMT



– Low RPM sound loop issue was solved.

– Clickable area of the GPS was extended (now covering the entire screen).

– Differential braking scale was adjusted.

– Correction to the brakes map for braking with left or right wheel independent.

– Door´s screw remained static and didn’t move with the door. Now it is fixed

– Statics elements were adjusted to the level of the ground.

– Thermometer had a bug and was indicating wrong temperature. Fixed.

– Pop-up GPS showed a different button from the one in the VC. Fixed.

– MPH airspeed indicator marking (inner circle) was adjusted.

– Some corrections to the description of the aircraft were done.


We also added the autopilot on/off switch to the Autopilot light indicator because many people don’t find the autopilot switch (which is located below the power section). Now both work as autopilot on/off switch.


The Service Pack is available at our webpage for all the customer who have bought the aircraft.


**This is a private update, so you need to log in first.**


NOTE: After applying this service pack the aircraft will go back to its original configuration with the Carenado GNS530.

You only have to run the corresponding application to configure with your Reality XP configuration.


You don’t need this Service Pack if you download the aircraft after September 7, 2011 at 1600 GMT.