Leonardo zeigt neue Bilder von der MD-82

Leonardo hat, neben neuen Bildern, auch weitere Informationen zur Wiederauflage der Flythemaddog MD-82 gemacht. Dort werden neben grundlegenden Dingen auch eine generelle Aussicht gegeben. Das Statement und die Bilder findet ihr unter

FlythemaddogX is developed by Leonardo SH, the same team that brought to you the Flythemaddog series for FS9/FSX more than 10 years, and will be available for FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4.

FlythemaddogX features a brand new external model along with a fully interactive virtual cockpit, coded with the latest C++ techniques and compiled using proper SDKs.

We’re taking our challenge very seriously: bring again to life the most complex representation of the MD-80 ever.
The depth of the systems simulation -along with the capability to create dozen of failures-, its unique immersive noisy cockpit and the amazing flight dynamics, that have been, among others, the key factor for its success…everything it’s still there. But better.

There isn’t a release date set yet, but we expect to give you this beauty before 2018.

Although we really love analog gauges, we have no plans to build an analog version anymore, since it would be extremely resource demanding at this time for us. The MultiCrew support won’t also be included on the first release.

You may not like those statements, but we are aware that after almost 7 years, and with the huge step forward simulators have done recently, you have high expectations from us, also basing on the reputability we have achieved during time.

We want to meet those expectations, and we want to be crystal clear from day 1.

Fly the real. Fly the Maddog.

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