Just Flight veröffentlicht die C-46 Commando

Just Flight hat heute ihre C-46 Commando Umsetzung veröffentlicht. Für 30,95€ kommt der Flieger mit allerhand Austattungsvarianten daher. Einige haben wir hier aufgelistet.


  • Accurately modelled C-46 Commando, built using real-world aircraft plans and from official notes and publications
  • Three variants included:
    – Military – four-blade Curtiss electric propellers
    – Cargo – three-blade Hamilton Standard propellers
    – Civilian Passenger – three-blade Hamilton Standard propellers
  • All hatches and doors animated
  • Highly detailed and accurate engines with unique start-stutter effects and volumetric props
  • Beautifully rendered airframe detail with accurate strengthening strakes, pitot tubes, aerials and more
  • Choice of military (wartime) or civilian pilot models
  • Authentic gear operation includes modelled tread-blocks on the tires
  • HD textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity, including bump and specular mapping for a truly 3D feel


  • Choice of cockpits:
    – Military – authentic WWII layout
    – Civilian – modern gauges with a layout based on Buffalo Airways aircraft
  • Highly detailed with uniquely rendered metal effects and specular shine on many components
  • Cockpit textures feature realistic wear and tear, with dynamic specular effects on surfaces
  • Instruments constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Realistic systems functionality including engine start and fuel tank selection


19 authentic liveries:

  • C-46F ‘China Doll’
  • C-46F ‘The Tinker Belle’
  • Buffalo Airways
  • US Navy R5C-1 (Navy designation) build no. 39507
  • US Navy R5C-1 serial LH/14
  • Air America
  • Aero Condor
  • Aeropa
  • C46-C serial no. 44-78019
  • Chinese Nationalist Air Force
  • Lufthansa
  • Japan Air Self-Defense Force
  • Everts Air Cargo
  • Avensa
  • Pan American Airways
  • Seaboard World Airlines
  • Sahakol Air Cargo
  • Air National Guard


  • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handling data, developed with assistance from real-world C-46 pilots including an ex-Buffalo Airways pilot
  • Authentic R2800 twin-row radial sound set
  • Custom sounds for switches, pumps and more
  • Comprehensive manual with panel guide


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Sieht lecker aus. Ich warte trotzdem mal wie üblich ein paar User-Reviews ab. Könnte aber in meinem Hangar neben der DC-3 von MJ und der PMDG DC-6 zu stehen kommen.