A_A Sceneries haben Kuala Lumpur überarbeitet

Wie wir schon angekündigt hatten, hat A_A Sceneries nun den Kuala Lumpur International Airport (ICAO: WMKK) für P3Dv4.5 veröffentlicht. Kunden der FS2004 Version können für knapp 12 EUR und Kunden der FSX Version für knapp 11 EUR upgraden.

Neu an dieser Version ist:

  • Animated jetways through out the airport. Both KLIA and KLIA2 controlled by SODE
  • Ground poly of the runway and taxiways with high detail custom made textures. P3D version have P3D material is used to have rain effect (water reflection), and bump mapping.
  • There are puddles when it rains (only P3dv4.5 not possible in FSX version).
  • Dynamic lights
  • Water puddles during raining, but not possible in FSX version since it cause flickering.

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