Rollout des Aircraft & Avionics Update 1

Das Microsoft Flight Simulator Team hat die Hangartore geöffnet und das Avionics & Aircraft Update Nummer 1 fertiggestellt. Es verbessert hauptsächlich die Cessnas Citation und Longitude, die Daher TBM 930 sowie das GNS.

Allerdings ist das bei weitem nicht alles. Nach der Installation lautet die neue Version und sie beinhaltet neben den Februar 2023 Navigationsdaten folgende Features und Bug Fixes:

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed unflyable helicopters when user had the legacy flight model realism settings (gyroscope) set to less than 100%
  • Fixed control loss of Pitch axis on helicopters when anti stall assist is “on”
  • Repaired snow covering 100% of airport tarmac & roads
  • [NavData] Fixed DeleteNavAtAirport that was removing VOR, NDB and waypoints everytime
  • Fixed secondary aerials sometimes overridden by Bing aerial on terrain with photogrammetry
  • Fixed terrain level of detail issue on Xbox

GNS 430W / GNS 530W

The simulator’s Garmin GNS 430W and GNS 530W have been upgraded to bring them much more closely in-line with their real-world counterparts:

  • Comprehensive visual overhaul for accurate font, symbology, look, operation, and feel
  • Advanced flight plan support, including support for complex departure, arrival, and approach procedures (arcs, holds, procedure turns, etc), with correct real-unit limitations (no radius-to-fix, heading, or some intercept legs)
  • Full RNAV support and simulation, with support for LPV, LP, LNAV/VNAV, and +V vertical guidance during approaches
  • GPS satellite and SBAS simulation, including orbital mechanics-based real satellite positions and accurate SBAS coverage areas, GPS status page
  • VNAV profile calculator page and associated reminders/alerts
  • Support for missed approaches and missed approach holds
  • Full specification-accurate ADS-B based Traffic Avoidance System
  • More accurate map symbology, procedure previews
  • Keyboard entry mode for waypoints, navaids, and direct-tos
  • Numerous customization options found on the real unit, such as metric/imperial units settings, map data fields settings
  • Satellite weather overlay support (NEXRAD)

These units have been added to the following aircraft in AAU1:

  • C172 Classic
  • Cap 10
  • DA-40 TDI
  • DV-20
  • L-39 (Athena, Blue Ice, Pipsqueak, Robin 1, Sarance)
  • P-51D (Wee Willy, Lady B, Strega, Miss America)
  • T-6 (Almost Perfect, Baby Boomer)

Cessna Citation CJ4 & Avionics

The Cessna Citation CJ4 avionics have been heavily upgraded to bring an authentic CJ4 avionics experience:

  • Comprehensive visual overhaul for accurate font, symbology, look, operation, and feel
  • Independent MFD and FMS operation
  • Advanced flight plan support, including arcs, radius-to-fix, intercepts, hold, procedure turns, missed approaches, and custom waypoint scratchpad entry
  • Coupled VNAV with editable constraints, flight path angles, vertical path smoothing, and VNAV-invalidation conditions
  • Advanced autopilot, including armable lateral and vertical modes as well as complex combined-armed modes – Full specification-accurate TCAS II traffic system
  • Cabin pressurization and complete Crew Alerting System
  • FMS performance calculations for takeoff and landing speeds
  • Integrated dual engine FADEC systems with N1 mode indications and accurate N1 targets
  • Independent display options and state-saving
  • Enhanced FMS Text MFD display modes
  • Keyboard entry mode for FMS data entry
  • AHRS alignment and startup sequence
  • Improved flight model:
    • Improvements to ground and crosswind handing during the takeoff and landing phases
    • Improvements to flight control performance accuracy, smoothness, and handling
    • Improvements to fuel consumption accuracy
    • Improvements to handling while in ground effect
  • Improved engine and interior sound effects

Garmin G3000 & Garmin G5000 Avionics Suites

  • Comprehensive visual overhaul for accurate font, symbology, look, operation, and feel, including Garmin Touch Controller (GTC) visuals that are faithful to the real unit complete with UI animations
  • Advanced flight plan support, including arcs, radius-to-fix, intercepts, holds, procedure turns, and missed approaches
  • Support for custom waypoints, including lat/lon, point/bearing/distance, and present position
  • Two (aircraft-dependent) styles of coupled VNAV:
    Simple VNAV: Descent path VNAV only, always targets bottom-most altitude constraint
    Advanced VNAV: Climb constraint and descent path VNAV, vertical path smoothing through varied constraint types, editable constraints, and flight path angles
  • Independent PFD and GTC options
  • PFDs and MFDs with full split-pane support
  • Support for the full set of context-dependent GTC knob controls
  • GPS satellite and SBAS simulation, including real orbital mechanics-based satellite positions, accurate SBAS coverage areas, and GPS status page
  • Comprehensive traffic system implementations, including (aircraft-dependent) spec-compliant Garmin TIS, TAS, and TCAS-II
  • Support for multiple layout styles, including horizontal or vertical GTCs, screen-pane options, numbers of screens, and more
  • Support for custom V-speed bugs, SVT, angle of attack indicator, HSI moving map, timers, minimums, and bearing pointers
  • A multitude of customization options, including measurement units, all saved per screen and/or aircraft
  • AHRS alignment and startup sequence
  • JavaScript plugin support for loading:
    • Engine Instruments and Systems (EIS) displays
    • Custom PFD or MFD display panes (full- or half-screen)
    • Custom GTC navigation, icons, and pages
    • Aircraft systems simulation and instrument styling

Daher TBM 930

  • Support and wiring for the new Garmin G3000
  • Support for fully coupled Basic VNAV, as found in the real aircraft
  • Customized and highly accurate EIS
  • Systems synoptic pages
  • Customized electrical modeling
  • Support for opening exterior cockpit and cabin doors

Cessna Citation Longitude

  • Support and wiring for the new Garmin G5000
  • Support for fully coupled Advanced VNAV, as found in the real aircraft
  • Flight model improvements:
    • Better feeling of direct control
    • Highly accurate performance numbers
    • Revised fuel burns
    • Improved ground and crosswind handling
    • More accurate float during the landing phase
  • Dual engine FADEC with accurate N1 targets, modes, and thresholds
  • Fully featured autothrottle system with correct AT modes/functionality and communication to and from the FMS
  • Custom Longitude systems synoptics pages
  • Customized and highly accurate Longitude EIS
  • Full suite of accurate CAS messages
  • Takeoff and Landing Data (TOLD) support with FMS takeoff and landing performance calculations
  • Modeled systems based on manufacturer feedback and documentation:
  • Bleed air system, including pressure and temperature simulations, feedback between pneumatically fed systems, and starters
  • Hydraulic system, including fluid-based pressures sim with realistic hydraulic accumulator behavior and system knock-on effects from hydraulically powered systems as well as full PTCU simulation
  • Environmental control system with cabin/cockpit air mass simulations and sounds
  • Automated brake system with anti-skid, wheel-up spin inhibition, and brake temperature simulations
  • Electrical system, including generator bus connection logic and automatic on-ground bus tie logic
  • Speedbrake and ground spoiler control system with automated ground spoilers and speedbrake auto-stow logic, and corrected spoiler panel behavior
  • Fuel system with automated fuel pump logic and temperature simulations
  • Cabin pressurization system fed from the bleed air system with correct climb and descent schedules, and controller modes
  • Anti-ice system fed from the bleed air system, with temperature simulation and engine load efficiency decreases (N1, N2, fuel flow)
  • Exterior lighting systems with automatic light logic, improved light levels and locations
  • Pre-flight system auto-tests simulation

LS8-18 and DG1001

  • Corrected instrument names on instrument panels and boot screens

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the sim would allow an APU or engine bleed air start under the incorrect conditions
  • G1000 NXi:
    • Fixed incorrect text label in PFD arrival selection page
    • Fixed flight plan clearing when loading a VTF as the next leg
    • Fixed wind direction being shown in degrees true rather than magnetic
    • Fixed GPS WP distance showing 0 on a random direct-to


Allerdings gibt es auch noch ein paar ungelöste Probleme:

Known Issues

  • Some icons on the Longitude Systems and Controls pages may not display, but page/pane operation is not affected
  • TO/GA button on the CJ4 throttle handle may be hard or impossible to click for some users, but a clickspot has been provided on the Fire Bottle button to the left of the autopilot panel and the key binding will work to activate TO/GA
  • The test display screen on the GNS430W and GNS530W will not presently move the CDI needles
  • The nearest intersections page on the GNS units may display procedure intersections which appear to be duplicates


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8 Monate zuvor

“Repaired snow covering 100% of airport tarmac & roads”

Wenn das bedeutet, dass die Flughäfen jetzt bei Schnee nicht mehr vollständig “weiß” sind, ich das schon mal Top! In der Simwings EDDM Scenery z.B. sind die Runways bei Schnee vollkommen weiß und im Anflug vom restlichen Gras/Umgebung nur durch deren Beleuchtung zu unterscheiden…

Das gleiche bei vielen Anderen Scnerien

Patrick F
Patrick F
Reply to  FreaXter
8 Monate zuvor

Ja, auch die Autobahnen und Flüsse sind bislang komplett weiß, was in der Realität ja eher selten der Fall ist.

8 Monate zuvor

Oh no, habe mich gerade in den working title Mod für die CJ4 eingearbeitet…

Reply to  joesommer
8 Monate zuvor

Das stellt ja für dich kein Problem dar – jetzt wurde dieser erweitert und direkt eingebunden… was will man mehr.

Reply to  Tom
8 Monate zuvor

…eine Nachtbeleuchtung in der Kabine, wie vor dem Update

Reply to  Tom
8 Monate zuvor

Oh super, das war mir nicht klar, danke für den Hinweis!

Reply to  joesommer
7 Monate zuvor

Muss ich revidieren.
Die CJ4 jetzt nach dem Avionics Update hat nicht viel mit der aus dem Working Title Mod vor dem Update zu tun. Leider. Es fehlt einiges. Von Simbrief Integration, FMS Funktionen, diversen ausgegrauten Buttons usw.

Reply to  joesommer
7 Monate zuvor

Ich zitiere mal von WT:
The AAU1 CJ4 is a complete new rebuild from the ground up.
Since it’s an official part of the sim, integration with third party API as official sim features requires licensing agreements, support contracts, guaranteed uptime, and other legal contracts, in order to protect simmers from official features disappearing due to third party issues.
As of right now, there are no such agreements in place, unfortunately.”

Zusammengefasst: Die CJ4 ist jetzt “Teil des Sims” und kein (Freeware) Addon mehr. Damit bewegt man sich rechtlich auf einer anderen Basis und es fehlen noch notwendige Lizenzen und andere Vereinbarungen.

Es dauert also noch etwas, aber soll alles wieder rein.