Neuigkeiten zu Terraflora

Turbulent Design hat erste Informationen zu ihrem weltumspannenden Baum und Pflanzen Addon veröffentlicht. Mit Terraflora werden, auf die Region abgestimmte, Bäume und Pflanzen installiert. Bilder und weitere Informationen findet ihr unter

We’re excited to announce that Terra Flora is currently nearing the end of BETA testing and will be in your hands shortly!

We’ve created a selection of screenshots that demonstrate Terra Flora across the globe. There are a lot more screenshots to come, including some from help of friends showing your favourite products!

Here are the facts about Terra Flora:

– Replacement for all default autogen to improve your simulation experience on a global scale
– High definition vegetation textures created by Russ White to raise the bar in detail
– Drastically improved colourisation over default vegetation for realism
– Seamless blending between TERRA FLORA and REAL FLORA in future airport updates
– Revised and optimised autogen models for performance
– Support for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3 and P3D v4

Release date: September

Pricing: £19.99

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