Update für FS Logbook Editor

Der FS Logbook Editor kann nun Daten für den MSFS lesen. Zudem wurde die CSV Unterstützung verbessert und es können und Excel-  und JSON-Dateien gelesen und gespeichert werden. Eine weitere neue coole Funktion ist der Import von Flügen aus FsHub.io. Für den Import von MSFS Daten ist die kostenlose Erweiterung “Mouseviator Enhanced Logbook” notwendig.

Für alle, die den Logbook Editor mal testen wollen, gibt es hier eine DEMO.


  • Added: Import of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 logbook data.
  • Added: DOCX and XLSX export options under the Export button at the JasperReports dialog.
  • Added: A “Little More Than Dumb Text Editor” text editor, than can be used to edit pilot statistics templates, FSHub comment templates and other kind of files. It supports keywords highlighting and auto-complete style of help. It is accessible from the new Tools menu.
  • Added: Pilot statistics can be saved also as PDF, DOCX and ODT.
  • Added: Logbook can be saved/loaded to/from Excel files (xls and xlsx).
  • Added: Import flights from FsHub.
  • Added: Logbook can be loaded from CSV file.
  • Added: Logbook can be saved/loaded to/from JSON files.
  • Added: User aircraft categories have new check box – “Multi Engine” to specify whether the aircraft within the category are single or multi engine. The import process from FsHub can also use this information to determine whether the aircraft is multi-engine or not.
  • Changed: New version of libraries for database connectivity. Newly tested with MySQL 8.0.27, MariaDB 10.6.2 and Microsoft SQL Server Express 2019. Added basic support for SSL connection.
  • Fixed: CSV export is more RFC4180 compliant. Text values will be enclosed within “” if they contain ” or are multi-line. The ” will be replaced by “”. Multi-line text will no longer brake the CSV file, as it will be converted to single line.
  • Fixed: ODS export. Some cells had wrong style applied or no style applied (in the summary row).
  • Fixed: User aircraft categories list should have display the amount of aircraft in the respective category in tool tip text.
  • Fixed: Hopefully, finally fixed window positioning and resizing issues when the target monitor is using scale other than 1.0.
  • Fixed: Dialog to edit user aircraft categories, and dialog to edit filtering conditions did not react to look and feel change.