UGCX update auf Version 1.1 bzw. 1.2

Der Release von UGCX war, laut Bryan York, ein voller Erfolg. Nur wenige User hatten wirkliche Probleme mit der initial release Version. “Jetzt beginnt der Fun Part” – das hinzufügen neuer Features, so Bryan. Dennoch müssen mit der Version 1.1 einigen Fehler behoben werden. Daher ist Version 1.1 auch ein “muss” Update, ohne das UGCX nicht mehr funktionieren wird. Folgendes wurde geändert/ behoben:

  • Fixed speech recognition error some users experienced.
  • Potential fix for users using SimStarter.
  • Dramatically improved scenery indexing times.
  • Fixed pin insertion on engine startup sequences.
  • Added ability to read 4-digits code instead of only 2 digits on *
  • Regional sound pack INI. This allows us to offer more refined regional accents. In V1.1, major airports in Quebec, Canada, will now use French rather than English.
  • Initial 3rd party SDK support. If you wish to integrate your addon with UGCX, please send FS2Crew an Support Ticket.
  • Replaced repetitive “Braking” commands by using the default TOGGLE PUSHBACK command (pushback) only on PMDG 747/777 models. This only happens on pushback not towing at this point.
  • Fixed random 30 degree when selecting engine startup by intercom.

Außerdem macht Bryan genau Angaben wie das Update installiert werden soll.

How to install Version 1.1.
1. UNINSTALL VERSION 1.0 FIRST!!!! <———————-
C:\Users\*****YOUR USER NAME*****\AppData\Roaming\Ultimate Ground Crew X
You MUST uninstall otherwise you may get a crash because we changed the way UGCX indexes scenery.
You can uninstall V1.0 via the Add/Remove programs in options or via the Ultimate Ground Crew X entry in the Start menu.
After uninstalling, check that the Ultimate Ground Crew folder in your APPDATA folder is gone.
C:\Users\*****YOUR USER NAME*****\AppData\Roaming\Ultimate Ground Crew X

It should have been deleted by the uninstaller, but double check.
If it’s still there for some reason, manually DELETE the UGCX folder..

2. Re-download UGCX via your FS2Crew account at: Select “COMPLETED ORDERS” to locate your download.
3. Re-install UGCX.
4. Re-activate UGCX via the UGCX Config Manager!
5. Launch P3D V4 or FSX.