Fly the Maddog – neue Open Beta 1.5b486

Leonardo hat für die beliebte MD-8X Reihe eine neue open Beta veröffentlicht, welche einige Fehler der vorherigen Open Beta berichtigt. Kunden können das “Beta”- Update wie immer im Forum unter folgendem Link herunterladen. Darüber hinaus wurde bestätigt, dass die Maddog ab der letzten offiziellen Version inkl Open Beta mit P3DV 4.5 HF2 kompatibel ist.

******1.5b486 – 26/09/2019******
64bit edition – P3D v4.4/v4.5/HF1/HF2

– fixed fps drop in C&D state;
– ENG SYNC now inhibited with engines OFF;
– fixed issue with outboard flight spoilers not moving symmetrically with respect to the other spoiler panels, when spoiler or autospoiler extended;
– fixed PMS not accepting -83 weights;
– tuned IAS mode logic for faster response to speed decrease by PF while in descent;
– fixed ACARS preliminary weights replacing the received message page;
– fixed issues in DFGS conflict-mode logic when DFGS 2 selected and active;
– other minor bug fixes;
– fixed effects resulting in oversized AI lights;
– fixed reverse sound with engines OFF;
– FMS 2D window now below P3D menu bar;
– fixed inverted CMA/Honeywell background light layer;
– fixed non draggable CMA/Honeywell 2D window;
– updated: quick guide, user manual, installation guides, AOM vol I ch.15 and AOM vol II ch.6;
– fixed auto-conversion to pbr installing non-pbr native repaints via liveries manager.

– added 8secs fms memory after AC power loss;
– added functionality for the PA button, light and vol needle animation: left click activates PA, right click activates PA and automatically triggers message for ‘PA emer test/prepare for takeoff/prepare for landing’ as appropriate.