Taburet: Autogen für British Columbia released

Richtiges Autogen in ganz British Columbia: Taburet hat jetzt British Columbia AXP für X-Plane released.  Der 215 MB große Download ist ab sofort für 17 Euro im Simmarket zu haben. Das Addon verspricht die realistische Platzierung von Autogenobjekten für die gesamte kanadische Provinz British Columbia. Laut Taburet ist es zu vielen Addon- und Photoszenerien kompatibel. Mehr Infos zum Release findet ihr im Simmarket.

The second generation of Autogen for Xplane packages. The new generation go much further into adding a more detailed coverage for buildings and woodlands into the scene. British Columbia; is a blend of multiple data to achieve a complete buildings coverage for Canadian territory of British Columbia. Not less than approximately 4 millions buildings are injected into this autogen package to achieve 99 % coverage positioning buildings on the right position. It can work on its own; any mesh; any photorealistic scenery; any airport addon; any cityscape scenery. AXP can be customised as for example texture editing. Coverage: British Columbia. In video AXP British Columbia over ortho4xp created photo realistic textures.