SODE v1.6.6 ist da!

Die aktuelle SODE (SimObjectDisplayEngine) Version lautet 1.6.6 und kann hier heruntergeladen werden. 6 Bugfixes und Changes sind enthalten, u.a. für SODE VDGS und in der Kommunikation zu FSDT GSX.

Version 1.6.6

  • General
    • Fixed wrong page number display in the text menu
    • Fixed application crash when an (illegal) 5-letter ICAO airport designator was detected
    • Fixed handling of relative SimObject folders in add-on.xml, where the folder is defined just by its raw name and not with ‘.\’
  • Jetway Control System
    • Fixed bug where SODE to GSX communication was lost when GSX resets the jetway while it was still moving
  • VDGS
    • Changed the way how the aircraft type is detected. Now only the ICAO type designator in the aircraft.cfg is relevant.