MSFS – SimUpdate 13 Beta Release Notes v1.34.14.0

Das kurz vor Veröffentlichung stehende SimUpdate 13 (geplant für den 21.09), hat am Dienstag eine Menge an Änderungen erfahren. Austesten lässt sich das Update unter den Beta-Einstellungen bei Steam bzw. des Microsoft Stores.

Release Notes für v1.34.14.0:

General Bug Fixes

  • Memory and stability improvements
  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title


AeroVodochody L-39 Pipsqueak

  • Fixed entering values by double-clicking on GNS screen

Airbus 310-300

  • Fixed – CPT Terrain Radar button’s tooltip inaccurately displays the current state of the feature.
  • Fixed – Localization not working for “ATC_TYPE”, A310.
  • Fixed – Have a texture mask on right engine.
  • Fixed – The FO’s windshield wipers are active for a short while in the Hangar when switching to or changing liveries.
  • Fixed – Release Note Testing: A310 Fuel burn continuing during pause now fixed.
  • Fixed – The Autopilot Bank Limit tooltip is reversed, says off when it’s on and on when it’s off.
  • Fixed – LOD 2 missing textures for both Xbox and MSFS aviator club liveries.
  • Fixed – Livery names are not localized in liveries page.
  • Fixed – Crash to desktop experienced by some users.
  • Fixed – Wing rear nav lights being too bright.
  • Fixed – GPWS sounds being too quiet.
  • Fixed – Adjusted sound levels based on community feedback.
  • Fixed – Added missing tooltips for instruments in Korean and Turkish.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description missing in Korean and Turkish.
  • Fixed – Neither language is localized in Weight and Balance option.

Cessna Citation CJ4

  • Fixed passenger cabin lights not working

Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”

  • Fixed – Unable to spawn with Default or Custom amount of fuel.
  • Fixed – Abrupt color change during transition from LOD 4 LOD 5.
  • Fixed – Checklist is autocompleting during evaluation mode.
  • Fixed – EFB (Radio) tunes Active instead of standby frequency.
  • Fixed – Left and right quick views.
  • Fixed – [Localization] “Forward Tank” is not localized in neither languages for Weight and Balance option.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description in Turkish and Korean.

Douglas DC-3

  • Fixed – Black Textures can be seen inside the cockpit.
  • Fixed – Open / Light Seams found in cockpit.
  • Fixed – Beacon switch is not labeled–users had trouble identifying / recognizing it (enhanced package only).
  • Fixed – Enhanced cockpit textures are backwards (enhanced package only).
  • Fixed – Overlapping words on the warning labels inside the cabin and on the rear cabin door.
  • Fixed – Copilot Yoke is tilted.
  • Fixed – Low resolution text in the Enhanced Edition cockpit (enhanced package only).
  • Fixed – Cockpit model – Nose rivets UV map stretched.
  • Fixed – Bad texture mapping on APU Cart.

Grumman G-21 Goose

  • Fixed – Control yoke center section clips though floorboard when yoke is moved forward or backward.
  • Fixed – Fuel valves have no sound for interaction.
  • Fixed – Manual Fuel pump has no sound for interaction or function.
  • Fixed – Tooltip for revised main fuel valve selector.
  • Fixed – EFB screen flickering.
  • Fixed – Some instruments in cockpit are not localized in Turkish.
  • Fixed – Some instruments in cockpit are not localized in Korean.
  • Fixed – Language not localized in Weight and Balance option.
  • Fixed – Fuel Tank Value not localized in selected languages.
  • Fixed – [es-MX] Flaps/Pitot Heat and associated description is not localized in Checklist.
  • Fixed – Livery names are not localized in liveries page.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description in Turkish.

H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose”

  • Fixed – All 8 engines are now supported.
  • Fixed – Added an undercarriage has been added in hangar mode.
  • Fixed – Added tugboat.
  • Fixed – Added water friction.
  • Fixed – Added throttle transfer from pilot to engineer.
  • Fixed – Added throttle friction.
  • Fixed – Added hangar description and tooltips in Turkish and Korean.
  • Fixed – Some art issues have been fixed in the cockpit.


  • Fixed – Burj Khalifa POI collision.

World Update 3 – UK & Ireland

  • Fixed coastline displays open seam near British Airways i360 in flight.

World Update 4 – France & Benelux

  • Fixed – Trocadero POI had DEM data generating into the bespoke asset.
  • Fixed – Light on Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse POI has strange behaviors when having a certain distance away from the POI.
  • Fixed – There are buildings seen clipping into the Westerkerk POI.
  • Fixed – Palais de Justice Brussels is missing collision for the center tower.
  • Fixed – Palais de Justice Antwerp is missing collision for the entire POI.
  • Fixed – Textures for walking railings only show on one side at the Allianz Riviera POI.
  • Fixed – Chateau de Pierrefonds bespoke asset does not appear until the player is very close to the POI.
  • Fixed – Palais De Papes is missing collision on the south side of the POI.
  • Fixed – France City Update Causes terrain to cover the bottom part of Stade de la Beaujoire POI.
  • Fixed – Lac de Cap-de-Long has water covering parts of the bespoke model.

World Update 5 – Nordics

  • Fixed – Viking Stadion SR-Bank POI is missing collision on the side buildings.
  • Fixed – Guldfågeln Arena POI does not appear until relatively close to the POI.
  • Fixed – Guldfågeln Arena field/pitch LOD pops consistently.

World Update 6 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Fixed – LSZR Altenrhein St. Gallen – Duplicate Taxiway Signs.

World Update 11 – Canada

  • Fixed – Polygons/water issues near Samuel de Champlain Bridge POI.
  • Fixed – Entirety of the Regina Legislature Building is sunk a few feet into the ground.
  • Fixed – Vegetation can be seen clipping into the Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park POI.

World Update 14 – Central Eastern Europe

  • Fixed – Several buildings at Pruhonice Castle are partially buried under the terrain.
  • Fixed – There is a fountain floating above the ground near the Litomysl Castle POI.
  • Fixed – DEM buildings are seen clipping into the Esztergom Basilica POI.
  • Fixed – Krasna Horka Castle POI is missing collision on the floor.
  • Fixed – Parts of the Szigliget Castle POI are floating above the terrain.
  • Fixed – Hill displays next to The Jested Television Tower.
  • Fixed – Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape name fixed to “Lednice Castle”.
  • Fixed – Open seam displays on Bespoke rocks next to The Jested Television Tower.
  • Fixed – Porer Lighthouse name fixed to Lighthouse of Porer.
  • Fixed – Stari Maslenicki name fixed to Maslenica Bridge.
  • Fixed – Trosky Castle name fixed to Trosky State Castle.
  • Fixed – White Textures are displayed on Kost Castle.
  • Fixed – St Nicholas’s Fortress name fixed to St Nicholas’ Fortress.
  • Fixed – Terrain around the Tata Castle POI LOD pops.
  • Fixed – Pruhonice Castle POI has clipping vegetation.

Game of the Year Edition

  • Fixed – EDDP Leipzig-Halle Airport – Jetways do not line up properly with Terminal Building.
  • Fixed – EDDP Leipzig-Halle Airport – Missing all arrivals departures.


  • Fixed WasmDebuggerExtension which might causes crashes if it is used in a C context


  • SimConnect_GetInputEvent have been simplified to deduce automatically the right type of the input event asked instead of leaning on user.