Großes Update von der Historic Jetliners Group

caravelle_fwMark Cranston und Dan K. Hansen von der Historic Jetliners Group berichten uns von einem großen Update für alle Freunde des Alteisens. Ab sofort gibt es in der Library der HJG viele neue Texturen von ehemaligen Boeing 707-, 727-, DC-8- und Caravelle Betreibern. Interessierte können sich die umfangreiche Pressemitteilung im Originalwortlaut unter im erweiterten Textteil durchlesen.


“HJG’s Great End Of Summer Update !

Summer's almost over and the weather starting to cool down .... unlike 
the HJG website which has warmed up with today's release of a flight 
line full of new and upgraded files featuring yet more high quality 
classic/nostalgic jetliners for both FS2004 and FSX.

Latest textures for HJG Boeing aircraft include an extremely rare 
B707-320B SCD (only 5 of these aircraft were ever built) in the late 
1970's livery of a major Hong Kong based international airline. Early 
production B727-100 aircraft supported by liveries for 3 Mexican 
carriers from the 1990's ; And the late 1990's identity of a lesser 
known operator from the African Congo. Late production B727-100 aircraft 
are represented by 2 variations of colourful and patriotic livery 
applied to the aircraft operated by a major domestic airline from 
Colombia during the 1990's; A military aircraft from Ecuador and more 
recent times; The attractive identity of a recently defunct Florida 
based US and Caribbean charter operator; Both 1980's and 1990's style 
liveries for a major US tourist/travel club. And 2 variations of colour 
schemes applied to the B727-100F aircraft operated by a major US air 
freight company during the 1980's.

But .... there's more ....

Early production B727-200 aircraft in the late 1960's and mid 1970's 
style liveries of a major US international airline; An early 1990's 
livery for a Mexican charter operator; And the attractive early 1990's 
colour scheme of an airline from Tunisia. B727-200 ADVC aircraft are 
supported by the mid 1970's natural metal colour scheme for a major US 
international airline; A lesser known livery for Mexican operator of 
early 1990's; The rare transitional/hybrid liveries for 2 Mexican 
operators merged during 1996 .... along a 3rd featuring the definitive 
mid 1990's livery for the principal airline involved in this merger; A 
colourful late 1990's scheme for a rare African Congo based airline. 
Attractive liveries for 2 aircraft operated by a major operators from 
Ecuador .... one of which represents the Galapagos Islands. The current 
livery for a Malaysian registered B727-200F ADVC freighter concludes 
HJG's inventory of new Boeing aircraft textures.

Some great new DC8 subjects have also been released too ....

The latest textures for HJG Douglas aircraft include late 1960's and 
early 1970's identities for DC8-61CF and DC8-63CF aircraft operated by 
major US supplemental carrier; The colourful early 1970's scheme for a 
DC8-63CF operated by a German tourist/charter operator. A very rare mid 
1970's variation of livery applied to a DC8-63CF aircraft operated by 
yet another major US supplemental carrier concludes HJG's inventory new 
Douglas aircraft textures.

But .... there's more still ....

HJG are indebted to ALLIED FLIGHT GROUP (AFG) for authorisation to host 
their superb simulation of the SE-210 CARAVELLE. This classic/historic 
French jetliner from the 1950's and 1960's is represented by CARAVELLE 
1/1A (a new model/debut release) supported by textures featuring the 
early 1960's livery for the primary French operator of the type; An 
early 1960's identity for a national carrier from northern Scandinavia; 
And the attractive early 1960's colour scheme for an aircraft from 
Algeria. Textures for CARAVELLE 3 aircraft include a selection of 1960's 
and 1970's era liveries for major classic/historic airlines from around 
the world represented by aircraft from Brazil, China, France, Finland, 
Italy, Laos, Morocco, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Tunisia .... and 
among which is also include the rare DOUGLAS/SUD EST livery applied to a 
single aircraft for its 1960 tour of the USA during the short-lived 
co-operative agreement between both aircraft manufacturers; An Italian 
registered Mediterranean tourist/charter operator from the early 1980's; 
Late 1990's era military schemes for aircraft from France and Sweden; 
And one of the world's last remaining CARAVELLE 3 aircraft which is 
currently maintained in operating condition at Stockholm. CARAVELLE 6N 
textures include more classic airline colour schemes from the 1960's and 
1970's era .... featuring aircraft from Algeria, Belgium, Corsica, 
Ecuador, Italy, and Yugoslavia. And CARAVELLE 6R aircraft in the 
attractive 1970's and 1980's identities of a selection of lesser known 
classic/historic airlines from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador .... as well as 
colourful liveries for 2 rare diplomatic aircraft from Gabon and Tchad.

But there's much more to these new CARAVELLE's than this ....

Included among this new HJG/AFG hosting are a selection of 9 superb 
CARAVELLE panels featuring an assortment of different airline 
configurations .... and which also feature the latest updates by author 
Benoit GUARANT. Each CARAVELLE aircraft type is also supported by 
separate aircraft base packs containing new/revised FDE files to further 
enhance FS flight performance and which are exclusive to the HJG 
website; 2 high quality CARAVELLE RR AVON turbojet sound packs further 
enhance this already superb FS product for great audio ambiance. In 
association with AFG it is intended that the CARAVELLE flight line will 
be further extended in future to include the entire CARAVELLE family of 
classic/historic jetliners for FS.

"PERFECTION" has always been an integral part of HJG's work. Therefore 
the following revisions/updates are also included within this latest 
website update ....

Enhanced textures for 1960's era UNITED AIR LINES DC8-50 and DC8-61 
aircraft; Improved 1970's and 1980's era DELTA AIR LINES textures for 
DC8-61 and DC8-71 aircraft; And an updated B727 panels GAUGES/CORE files 
package is now also available to fix the disappearing radio stack 
frequencies for FSX users of these panel (FS2004 users were not affected 
by this issue) .... please refer to today's HJG website update 
announcement/news for further information regarding this !

All this and a great deal more classic jetliner nostalgia is now 
available for "FREE" download and your private FS enjoyment from the HJG 
website at following address...

As always .... HJG is extremely grateful to Pete DALY/SIMVIATION for 
continued support/hosting. HJG also extends a very special thanks to the 
AFG CARAVELLE TEAM .... and to each of the community "GUEST PAINTERS" 
whom have contributed toward this latest website update .... MANY THANKS 

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