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Einer der hier schon lange fehlt. Vielen Dank an die Macher.

… macht im FSX auch einen schlanken Fuss!
Mille grazie an Luciano Sartor und Ivan Cabrini!

Hi, very nice scenery. The only problem is an invisible building near gate 109 which causes a crash. It’s not autogen, I checked.

The macadam runway makes turboprops go into the ground and crash but that’s also in the default scenery. Changing it to asphalt might be an idea? Easily done in AFCAD and the ATR could take off without problems.

I really like those houses near the airport, very beautiful.

have a look at Trabzon in Turkey (LTCG), it’s freeware as well. The houses parallel the Airport are much better, the airport looks brillant. This scenery is better than at lot of payware airports!
Have a great day!