Neues von der HJG

Mark Cranston informiert uns über viele Neuigkeiten von der Historic Jetliners Group, HJG. Im Sommer wurden zwei neue Klassiker programmiert: Die Boeing 717-200 ist zwar noch kein Oldie, stellt aber eine Weiterentwicklung der alten McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 dar. Und es gibt nun eine französische SE 210 Caravelle 6R – das ist die Frachterversion der bekannten Caravelle. Weitere Neuigkeiten gibt es zu Bemalungen, neuen Panels und mehr.

Wer mag, kann sich Marks E-Mail im Originalwortlaut unter “weiterlesen” anschauen.


The Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) have pleasure announcing it summertime website update …featuring 2 new aircraft;5 new panels; 2 additional soundpacks; And a flightline of new and upgraded textures for its existing B727, DC9, and CARAVELLE inventory and your classic jetliner enjoyment in MSFS.

First among the latest HJG aircraft is “a modern classic” jetliner in the form of the B717-200 …as an extension to its current DC9 flightline by Nicholas BOTAMER. This brand new release is supported by 3 different models and an assortment of some 37 introductory liveries/textures representing 15 past and present operators of the type since 1998… featuring airlines from Australia, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico, Spain, Turkmenistan, and the USA.

Second among the new aircraft at HJG is a rare cargo conversion of “a classic French” jetliner in the form of the SE-210 CARAVELLE 6R (Freighter) …the latest adition to the HJG hosted AFG CARAVELLE flightline by ESa KAIHLANEN. This brand new release features 2 new models, cargo specific FDE, and 3 variations of livery representing aircraft operated by a major US airfreight company between 1981 and 2002.

BUT… there’s a whole lot more too !

The latest HJG textures for VISTALINERS B727’s include…

The colourful mid 1970’s pink/red livery of a major, but no longer existent, airline from Peru …for the early production B727-100.

For the late production B727-100… 2 equally attractive variations of colour shceme for a Peruvian carrier and the 1980’s era.

The classic gold/black 1970’s identity of a major Mexican operator; And the mid 1990’s livery of a Venezuelan domestic airline… both for the early production B727-200.

For the ADVANCED B727-200… the attractive 1970’s colour livery of a major airline from Mexico; And 2 variations of 1990’s era identity representing a then prominent but no longer existent carrier from Venezuela.

Concluding these latest texture releases for the HJG hosted VISTALINERS B727’s is the attractive current colour scheme of a lesser known domestic and regional Venezuelan operator …for the rare B727-200 RE SUPER 27.

New HJG DC8 textures include…

Rare liveries for 2 Colombian airfreight airlines from the 1980’s and 1990’s era …for the DC8-50F; And for the DC8 SUPER 63E …the attractive white/yellow early 1990’s identity of a Miami based airfreight carrier which concludes the latest texture releases for the HJG DC8’s.

BUT …that’s not all !

New textures for the HJG DC9’s include…

The mid 1970’s colour scheme of a small independent Italian operator; The colourful early 1980’s yell0w blue livery of few French carriers to fly the type; And 3 variations of an attractive 1990’s identity applied to aircraft flown by a no longer existent idependent operator from Mexico …for the PAX configured DC9-10/15.

And for the freight configured DC9-10/15 …the striking recent variation of 2-tone blue/yellow colour scheme of a major airfreight specialist from Colombia.

There are 3 examples of the 1970’s livery of a prominent Scandinavian airline alliance and featuring aircraft flown by each of the 3 participating nations …for the DC9-20.

Then for the PAX conficured DC9-30… 3 examples of late 1960’s era identity supported by aircraft operated by a major Nordic carrier; 3 variations of historic colour schemes supprted by the aircraft of a promminent Spanish operator and spanning the 1970’s/80’s/90’s; Both late 1960’s and early 1970’s liveries of a major independant Spanish airlines; A rare livery from east Africa and the 1970’s; The late 1980’s identity of a private German charter carrier; Both 1980’s and 1990’s colour schemes of a prominent operator from Turkey; The attractive white/yellow/blue livery of a now non-existent private airline from Mexico and the late 1990’s; And the strikingly attractive identity of a Mexican carrier from more recent times.

There are 3 variations of colour scheme representing aircraft operated by the cargo divison of a principal operator from Spain and the 1970’s/80’s/90’s era …for the freight configured DC9-30CF/F.

For the DC9-40… 7 examples of liveries supported by aircraft operated by a major Scandinavian airline …including an extremely rare white fuselage hybrid livery from the late 1970’s, 3 examples of short-lived experimental natural metal based identity, along with this airlines current colour scheme which was applied to at at least 1 of its DC9-40 fleet during more recent times.

And then to conclude this latest assortment of new textures for the HJG DC9’s… the hybrid livery of a Yugoslav registed aircraft leased by a prominent Nordic carrier during the mid 1980’s; The simple but very attractive white/blue/green early 1980’s identity of an Italian IT operator; And the mid 1990’s colour scheme of a Mediterranean tourist/charter airline …all for the HJG DC9-50.

And still there’s more !

A new B707 panel Gauges/Core files package has been released for all HJG B707/B720 panels. This is a Gauges/Core Files update only for each of the existing panels. PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to replace any of the current panels for these aircraft. This update now renders all of these panels FSNAV compatible. A new DC8 panel Gauges/Core files package has also been released …along with 5 new INS equipped panels for DC8-50, -61, -62/-63, -71, and -72/-73 aircraft. This Gauges/Core files update is essential for these 5 new panels to function. PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to replace any of the previously released HJG DC8 panels. This update also renders all of these panels FSNAV compatible too. FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING THESE PANEL GAUGES/CORE FILES UPDATES IS AVAILABLE ON THE HJG FORUM …. KINDLY REFER TO THE “NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS” PAGE AND NOTICES RELATING TO THIS LATEST WEBSITE UPDATE.

And last but by no means least of all… HJG’s ongoing commitment to perfection and product improvement continues in the form of the following texture upgrades…

4 improved variations of the classic gold/black/white MEXICANA DE AVIACION liveries for B727-100; A further upgraded rare ARCA COLOMBIA identity for the DC8-40(F); And 2 equally rare and enhanced ARCA COLOMBIA colour schemes for the DC8-50F too.

All this …and a whole lot more classic jetliner nostalgia… is available for your “FREE” MSFS enjoyment at the following website address…

None of what is available here today might have been possible had it not been for the kind support and representation provided by SIMVIATION:COM/Pete DALY …”THANK YOU …. VERY MUCH” !

Auckland, New Zealand
Bogota DC, Republica De Colombia