Zwischenstand von OrbX

Wer Interesse an den OrbX Produkten / Serien hat, wird sich sicherlich über den Projektstatus freuen, den John Venema im OrbX Forum veröffentlicht hat. Der Thread ist nach Regionen, Airports und neuen Projekten aufgeteilt und nur sichtbar, wenn man im OrbX Forum eingeloggt ist, oder unter “weiterlesen”.

Deshalb hier für alle nicht angemeldeten Forums-User der Auszug aus dem OrbX-Forum.

Quelle: dieser Thread von John Venema

Hello all,

Just a quick rundown of some of the major projects and where they are at.


FTX NA BLUE Northern Rockies – In Alpha build stage, landclass work commenced, roads/rivers done, already looking great!

FTX NA BLUE Pacific Fjords – In pre-alpha, will be in alpha build stage in 2 weeks; landclass and airport developers allocated

FTX NZ BLUE South Island – In pre-alpha, will be in alpha build state in 4-5 weeks; landclass and airport developers allocated


YBUD Bundaberg – In Mid beta cycle. Autogen 75% done, then photoreal seasons, then final testing and model/object placement

YSCB Canberra – In Mid-Beta cycle. Autogen complete, modeling nearing completion, final seasonal colouring to be done.

YBCS Cairns – In pre-beta. Autogen 50% done, international terminal modeling to be completed, seasonal colouring to be done.

YBRK Rockhampton – In pre-beta, some modeling, photoreal and autogen complete, long way to go.

YMEN Essendon – In alpha, ground photography done, modeling about to commence.

YMML Melbourne Intl V2 – In beta, 7cm ground cleanup 50% done, new modeling to commence end of May.

New Projects

PAKT Ketchikan – Russ White’s next solo project will be Ketchikan Airport which will be made for FTX NA BLUE Pacific Fjords as a seperate airport addon.

Jabiru J230 – We have begun work on the Jabiru J230 LSA aircraft, one of the most popular LSA’s in Australia and built out of YBUD Bundaberg. Modeling has commenced, photography complete and audio samples taken. We’ll announce more details soon :) To see the actual donor aircraft in action, watch my video blog here

John’s Video Blog 010 – Real-world flight in a Jabiru J230 during my vacation

Please note this is just a heads up on a subset of our many, many projects we’re running right now. I also wanted to give you a heads up that we’re working on 3 regions concurrently, which is a departure from the sequential regions release of the past.

Happy to field any questions, but please – don’t ask for release dates; you’ll be disappointed ;)