Air Hauler 2 v2.0.0.26 veröffentlicht

P3D- und FSX-Nutzer von AirHauler2 wurden heute informiert, dass Version v2.0.0.26 verfügbar ist. Adressiert wurden mehrere Bug-Fixes und Erweiterung. Beispielsweise kann die Beladung bis 110% MTOW angepasst werden und das Importieren von Szenerien in P3D4.5+ ist jetzt möglich. Am Ende des Artikels finden sich die Änderungen mit v2.0.0.26 und das gesamte Changelog findet sich hier.


– Fixed issue with Owned Parts causing a DBNull error during transit
– Fixed issue with missing country identifiers in scenery
– Fixed issue whereby in-flight menu hotkey was not saved
– You can now edit the aircraft Title and Manufacturer from Aircraft Details
– You can now input a Type for an Aircraft which has no Type listed on import
– Resolved issue with high fuel prices at airports (do a full default scenery import to re-base the costs)
– Removed Save-in-flight function while it is re-written to account for Pax changes
– Fixed an issue with the in-flight menu not displaying job status correctly
– Resolved issue where the “Downloading Charts” splash wouldn’t close
– Added Humanitarian Delivery logging
– Fixed issue with labling when editing aircraft details
– AH2 now allows cargo loading up to 110% MTOW
– AH2 will auto select aircraft at start airport when Fly Now on a cargo job
– Fuel to load in the Network mode screen now shows the correct values
– Aircraft Management now sorts correctly for the range and max pax columns
– Fixed issue when importing Aircraft with no ICAO Type and subsequently purchasing/leasing one
– Fixed issue when offloading cargo from an Aircraft which has ferry fuel as cargo on-board
– AH2 now supports scenery importing in P3D4.5+
– Fixed an error which could appear when constructing bases
– AI pilots can now use pax config aircraft for cargo jobs
– Added an indicator on the Cargo Loading screen to show if onward transport by road is available
– Added a fix for non EN/US Windows installs for number settings showing incorrectly
– When creating pax routes, the previously selected aircraft is re-slected after adding or removing a sector
– You can now toggle on airport names along side the ICAOs in the Fleet Cargo tab
– Added a “Fly self” button to the Cargo tab so you don’t need to swap back to the details tab
– Renamed the drop down on destination selection, to “Quick Find” and added the ICAOs of Cargo onboard to the dropdown
– Added Kgs in addition to Lbs on the Cargo Loading screen for more stats
– Add Kgs to Fuel Loading Complete dialog
– Fixed issue with Distance not sorting correctly on the Available Missions screen
– Adjusted decimal places on fuel capacities on several screens
– Fixed with an issue with location reporting when flying future Pax sectors/routes.
– Fixed issue which prevented random jobs from being generated
– Resolved issue with buying and selling commodities
– Fixed issue with assigned pilot not showing in Pax config aircraft
– Fixed issue with production time for commodities not updating correctly on the manufacture window
– You can now batch add ICAO codes to exclude from a text file (*.txt), ICAOs on individual lines
– Added +/- zoom buttons to Stock and Parts finder map
– You no longer loose the cash if you don’t have permission to donate to a VA
– “Crew Required” renamed to pilots required to avoid confusion on Pax Sector list
– Pax Sector grid now selects first aircraft rather than “All” to reduce load times for large schedules
– Pax sector map now defaults to first entry in list
– The Ledger has now been separated from Company Finance to improve performance
– Supply missions no longer show the “To ICAO” on the grid to avoid confusion
– Fixed an issue where pax flights would continually be processed incorrectly so the company was paid multiple times for the same sector
– Fixed issue where 1% of cargo would be lost when loading/unloading onto an aircraft with insufficient space available
– Added ATM button to the new Ledger screen

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3 Jahre zuvor

Schön das es weiter geht mit diesen Simulationen-sich nicht alles auf den Blender stürzt!

Fred Oberfred
Fred Oberfred
3 Jahre zuvor

Wichtig wäre eine Version für MSFS, damit dieses unsägliche OnAir – dieser Exceltabellensimulator – endlich mal Konkurrenz bekommt.

Beantworten  Fred Oberfred
3 Jahre zuvor

Nicht excel, access ist die Grundlage für AH2 😉 Das kann bissl mehr.