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Ultimate Airbus A3xx V3

In der Vergangenheit berichteten wir mehrfach über die Ultimate Airbus A3xx-Versionen von Steffen Frömter und Rolf Fritze. Die beiden haben es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, die 2D-Panels der Airbus Series-Flugzeuge von Wilco/feelthere zu optimieren. Nun wurde die Version 3 veröffentlicht. Über die Neuerungen können sich Interessierte unter “weiterlesen” im Originalwortlaut informieren. Herunterladen kann das “Addon zum Addon” hier.

The basic idea behind this freeware package is to ease flying the WILCO Airbus Volume 1 (models A318, A319, A320 and A321) and Volume 2 (models A330-x and A340-x) in respect to opening and closing various panels (currently covering the complete view) as well as to automate and animate certain parts of flight procedures. “Ultimate Airbus A3xx V3” is therefore targeted at FSX users flying the WILCO Airbus Volume 1 and/or Volume 2

  • Preferring the 2D-panel instead of the virtual cockpit
  • Searching for an add-on which offers smaller sub-panels (for certain functionality like engine start) instead of always using the big pedestal or overhead panel covering the complete screen. All this sub-panels can be opened / closed using newly added clickspots.
  • Missing certain panel animation e. g. panel and cockpit light, fuel dump as well as handling doors
  • Looking to get some “procedure automation” by using a Co-Pilot e. g. to arm or disarm spoilers, setting flaps, switching on and off lights, setting gear up and down etc. (in total more than 60). This functionality also automatically opens/closes some of the new sub-panels.
  • Wanting to get additional voice animation from the “pilot flying – PF”, the “pilot non flying – PNF” and from the “flight attendant – FA” (in total more than 65 announcements) as well as background sounds from ATC and the cockpit crew.

What is new compared to version 2

  • Package now includes all features also for Volume 2 e. g. can also be used with A33x and A34x models
  • App. 50 additional automated procedures (including for take-off-abort and go-around)
  • App. 65 crew “calls” as well as cockpit crew and ATC background sound
  • An installer is used which automatically backups the existing to be changed files and installs all necessary new files (including the documentation) automatically into the relevant FSX folders.  A de-installer is available too.
  • Bugs (p. e. black displays) from version 2 have been eliminated.
  • It is available only for FSX only as the programming workload; the testing as well as maintaining the documentation for two versions (FS9 and FSX) otherwise would have been too much.

Additionally a detailed description of the software resp. its functionality (17 pages) as well as an extended flight tutorial (36 pages) for the WILCO A320 considering the functionality of “Ultimate Airbus A3xx V3” in English and German are content of the installation package.

Best regards,

Rolf Fritze