XPRealistic V2: Update erschienen

Das Kamera- und Effekt-Tool XPRealistic von rKApps hat ein Update bekommen. Damit geht das Tool jetzt auf Version 2.1.3. Folgende Dinge wurde laut rKApps verbessert bzw. hinzugefügt:

  • New – CAT effect re-written to provide a more realistic feeling
  • New – Surface turbulence to not apply sudden turbulence on approaches
  • New – Head anticipation pitch slider – finally to work properly
  • New – Head anticipation pitch to follow horizon on nose down
  • New – G-forces effect acceleration slider split into two, Z and Tilt, for better control
  • New – Engine vibration acceleration is less violent
  • Fix – During turbulence g exceeds aircraft limits causing structural damage
  • Fix – Control panel not showing up for some users
  • Fix – Sudden vertical camera drop prior to touchdown with X-Camera
  • Fix – On sim pause, camera reset itself to center
  • Fix – After reset / link profile sound not working
  • Fix – When head anticipation delay slider set to zero, wrong anticipation takes place
  • Fix – View tilts backward & forward when switching from external to internal view
  • Fix – Profile cloud not working for aircraft with white space in aircraft model name

XPrealistic gibt es in der zweiten, neuen Version im Simmarket für 36 Euro.

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super – vielen Dank, dieses Addon ist einfach klasse