X-Plane 11.50 Beta: Nummer 14 released

Fast jede Woche gibt es eine Neue: Jetzt ist die 14. Beta von X-Plane 11.50 an den Start gegangen. Bei dieser Beta-Version haben sich die Entwickler laut Development-Blog um diverse Grafikprobleme gekümmert: “Highlights of this update include fixes for stutters and freezes we heard a lot about over the last week. We believe users on the latest Nvidia driver (451.48) should see improvements as well”, schreibt Jennifer Roberts im Blog. Den gesamten Post findet hier bei X-Plane, die Beta erhaltet ihr über die gewohnten Kanäle. (Steam User: Unstable Beta-Häkchen setzen!)


  • Cloud offscreen ratio would be wrong under particular rare rendering situations with multiple monitors.
  • XPD-10486, XDP-10902 Added Metal GPU timer calibration. Also enabled GPU timers for 10.15.5+.
  • XPD-10619 On macOS we now always pick the system default device.
  • XPD-10725 Fix crash by removing Micoprofile OpenGL GPU timers.
  • XPD-10827 Fixed VR load screen.
  • XPD-10838 Fixed map clipping with Metal.
  • XPD-10861 Fixes plugin widget translucency.
  • XPD-10876 Fixed crash if plugin makes a null obj-based instance.
  • XPD-10906 Fix gray boxes around icons.
  • XPD-10916 Fixed stutters with image requests when we haven’t finished rendering the first one yet.
  • XPD-10918, XPD-10923 Issues with Nvidia driver 451.48.
  • XPD-10921 Freezing / hang in 11.50 beta 13.

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