Wie geht es mit der Leonardo Maddog weiter?

Jetzt wo P3DV5 und der FS2020 vor der Tür stehen, kommen so langsam alle Entwickler mit Ihren Fahrplänen um die Ecke, so auch Leonardo. Mit dem kommenden Update (Shared Cockpit usw.) sieht man bei Leonardo den Entwicklungszyklus der MD82/83/88 zumindest für P3DV4 als beendet an. Für den FS2020 wird es eine neue Version geben, zu der aber noch keine Details bekannt sind. Zu der P3DV5 Version der Maddog hat man indes schon konkrete Pläne. So wird man das aktuelle Modell für den P3DV5 natürlich anpassen. Dies wird ausgereifter und stabiler sein. Bestandskunden werden nur die Differenz zwischen der V4 und V5 Version zahlen. Sofern man das Addon Package MD83/88 gekauft hat, wird dies kostenlos auf die V5 Version “geupgraded”. Wir sind gespannt wie sich die anderen Entwickler positionieren…

Hier das komplette Statement:

Hello Captains,
Shared Cockpit testing is proceeding quite well, and we plan to release our new build as open beta at the beginning of next week.

This new release, free for all customers, will be an incremental update that needs 1.5b506 installed on your sistem to run. Full installers in simMarket will follow in about two weeks.

Shared Cockpit is just a part of the new build as mentioned in a previous topic, however with this release we consider the Maddog X development cycle completed for what we have promised back in 2018: Fly the Maddog X has seen a lot of updates and improvements during these two years (always for free), most of which were not planned at the beginning, like real full PBR models. What’s next?

There is FS2020, we want to make a dedicated Fly the Maddog X version for sure, altough it’s too early giving details around a new simulator still in development.

There’s also the new Prepar3d v5, just announced, and on this topic I’m glad to announce that shortly after its release there will be a dedicated Fly the Maddog X version available.

Fly the Maddog X v5 edition will cost a bit more than the v4.5 version, being today a much more mature and stable product with a lot of features available if compared to our first release, BUT actual customers will be entitled to purchase v5 edition just for the difference of the two editions, similar to what we do with our 32 and 64 bit editions upgrade policy. No price tag yet, since it’s strictly related on how much work will be needed to port actual v4.5 version to v5.

As a bonus, when upgrading the MD-82 base pack to v5, customers that purchased the MD83/MD88 expansion will be able to transfer their MD-83/MD-88 expansion pack license to the new v5 edition for free.

New simulators aside, we want to introduce new expansion packs that will be sold separately, to further enhance your experience with Fly the Maddog X; more details will come soon.

Thanks for your attention and good flights!

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