Ultimate Ground Crew X: Version 2.0 erschienen

Jetzt klappt’s auch mit der Dash 8 von Majestic: FS2Crew hat eine neue Version von Ultimate Ground Crew X, kurz UGCX, released. Der neue Release bringt  das Pushback- und Groundhandling-Tool auf Version 2.0 und versrpicht mehrere Verbesserungen:

V2.0 Change Log

New Features And Changes:

  • Pushback support for the Majestic Dash 8 and an additional pushback option for the PMDGs called the FREEZE METHOD. This new option is available in “Aircraft Profile” menu. With this method enabled, UGCX will move the aircraft by essentially slewing it, rather than physically pushing it. Note that the wheels will not turn. PMDG users may find their pushbacks smoother when using the FREEZE METHOD. If using the Dash 8, you must use the FREEZE METHOD.
  • Fixed Add-on.xml file reader exception handling.
  • Fixed cache loader to read only airports with runways, not heliports.
  • Fixed Top-down view issue with Window 10 animations.
  • Fixed Canada language selection.
  • Fixed and improved marshalling onto stand guidance.
  • Fixed rare cases where the tow bar would disconnect visually from tug and nosewheel.
  • New Options Menu function to exclude “heliports” or any other desired airport by ICAO ID or Scenery Name. This prevents, for example, heliports from being read. The new option is called: “EXCLUDE AIRPORT OR SCENERY AREA”.
  • Added a new aircraft offset: “MAIN EXIT DOOR”, which helps UGCX define the final stop position when marshalling onto the stand.
  • New feature to scan the nearest airport’s ICAO name to improve scenery cache loading speed.
  • Added a small window to allow users to move the marshaller’s location during the following ground services. This is useful if the marshaller is ever place inside a building so you can’t see him.
    1. Engine startup by hand signals
    2. Marshaling onto stand operations
    3. Follow me car