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+++ Drzewiecki Design bringt New York Airports für X-Plane +++ iFly veröffentlicht Hotfix für die 744, damit sollte die P3D-Version auch bald kommen. Changelog gibt’s leider nur für Nutzer (kann das jemand in die Kommentare posten?) +++ exzellenter Artikel über die Steam-Version von FSX auf unserer Schwesterseite +++ PacSim arbeitet an Salt Lake City und Taipeh (Achtung: Facebook-Link) +++

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8 Jahre zuvor

Gerne, Hier ist die Changelogs:

Following is the Fix list:

*FSX– Cold and Dark VC not correctly set
*VC Yoke to big
*FSX– VC Fire and APu red warnings to dim
*FSX –Centre CDU Numeric Click spots offset
*Cabin ALT & Rate random up/down on FS start
*FSX– stab trim toggle switches see thru.
*ND MAP waypoint Font corrected
*Fuel totalizer
*eta and fuel calculations consider the wind when entered
*Nav2 and 3rd party scenery jet ways (work around)
—-when on the ground, set VOR2 will override the FS VOR2 and can set the jet ways
—on the ground, GS=0, parking brake set, all engine OFF
—when not on the ground, or plane moves, or engine running, VOR2 still works for ILS
*Light effects shows squares around them in Fog conditions
*RTE page SID and STAR issue
*SAT Temp display- progress page
*missing alpha channels corrected
*US System, temp converted issue resolved
*MINS Baro and Radio now ON/OFF like real aircraft
*Adjusted Engine blades and cones to represent more accurately the real RR, PW, GE
*DU / CDU brightness
*TERRAIN Display Performance optimized
*Alpha Channels on Engines corrected
*FS9/FSX– under wing, wing light splash anomaly corrected
*Main 1 & 4 Fuel imbalance under specific conditions corrected
*Added missing Hidden Panel selector click spot on 4:3 2D panel
*FSX– R-EXT PWR CLICK SPOT re-positioned
–can’t recreate this issue
*Flickering Cursor running 3 monitors
–cannot recreate, follow AVSIM forum advice
*ND behaviour when switching to TRUE NORTH corrected
*Nose gear turns after landing
*PROG page 2 and all FUEL USED corrected
*T/C displayed on ND while in the Cruise
*FS9– TCAS test when IRS not aligned
*VNAV Altitude reaction with Off PTH profile Alt Constraint during Approach/descent
–Take note in FCOM of B744 behaviour
*Key assignments
*windshield wiper sounds too loud
*744 AOM Header error
*atc_heavy=1 added to cfg
*Passenger window reflections increased
*panel back-lit colour too white
*VC inside window Reflection decreased
*See through roof at nose with walk & follow
*Fuel Cut Off & Cautions corrected
*wind shear warnings set to minimum sensitivity
*Bad key assignment menu for FMC digits
*A/T Disconnect warning corrected
*HDG Knob turn direction logic improved
*Fuel Page/CDU PROG disagreement.
*Engine Start Indications and Warnings
*FSX– spec and bump maps added to default iFly livery