Runway in Sight….Sydney


Und um die Landung, welche voraussichtlich Anfang Juni erfolgt, auch abzuschließen, hat Fly Tampa nun ein Beispielvideo veröffentlicht. Darin kann man in etwas absehen, wie Leistungshungrig Sydney wird bzw. ist. Den Angaben zufolge lagen die Frames immer im 20er Bereich. Hier geht es zum Video:

Beschreibung des Videos:

Rather than listing arbitrary frame rate comparisons I thought you guys would like to see FlySydney running under plausible conditions. The footage is shot on Camera & compressed, so not the greatest quality.

The video shows a short taxi from ramp to gate featuring the complex Aerosoft Airbus A320. Frame rates remain in the 20s within the virtual cockpit. The end of the video shows a full screen view slewing across the airport. Frame rates are in the 40s, sometimes hitting the 50s.

My FSX settings are fairly high…
Autogen is set to Very Dense.
Water reflections & Bloom are disabled.
AI Aircraft is set to 75% (Ultimate Traffic 2)
Orbx Global & Vector are running & recommended.
REX clouds

All FlyTampa Sydney features are enabled with the exception of the animated people.
2048 resolutiuon textures are running but we will also offer a 1024 option via our Configuration tool.

My System
CPU & MB : i7 2600k & Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P (CPU & MB are over 3 years old)
GFX Card : NV7800GTX
RAM : 16GB


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