Qualitywings Dreamliner Update

Nach PMDG nun also auch QualityWings.

Auch in P3D wurde die 787-Reihe modernisiert und die “Dreamliner” sind nun intuitiver und einfacher zu bedienen. Allen voran das EFB. Dazu muss das Flugzeug allerdings auf manchen Systemen, bzw. Versionen, komplett neuinstalliert werden.

Damit hält auch Qualitywings ihre Produkte aktuell, auch im alten Sim.

Das komplette Changelog:

• WXR: Weather Radar can’t find proper paths when ASP3D and ASN are installed
• WXR: Weather Data Request METAR/TAF not working with ActiveSky
• WXR: config entries for snapshot dir gets corrupted after saving config from DU
• EFB: CTD when selecting Navigraph as Chart source (FSX-SE only)
• EFB: Incorrect Navigraph Chart Label for few selected airports
• EFB: Navigraph charts do not dim
• EFB: Dispatch page weights do not add up properly
• CDU: CTD when selecting LTAI as destination on RTE page
• CDU: Autostepclimb inop
• CDU: HOLD still shows after being deleted on the legs page
• CDU: POS FUEL value occasionally incorrect when weight units are set to KGS
• HUD: 3 degree G/S line should stay parallel with the horizon
• HUD: 3 degree G/S line shows when TOD is reached and Vref set
• FS2CREW: Enabling of FS2Crew only works on LEFT side of DU, not on right side
• ND: TCAS does not show all traffic (P3D only)
• ND: Airport Map and Terrain do not dim
• ND: Range Arcs should show when TFC is selected ON using the TFC Button
• ND: RNP on wide ND does not match setting on CDU POS REF 2 page
• ND: DME errors
• CHKL: Checklists do not reset when new flightplan gets entered
• CHKL: Shutdown checklist typo FUEL “CONTRL” changed to FUEL “CONTROL”
• VC: Excessive display reflections (P3Dv5 only)
• Exterior: Engine fan shows too transparent (P3Dv5 only)
• Exterior: Dome light illuminates outside of fuselage (P3Dv5 only)
• Misc: Loading a default panelstate overrides WeightUnit setting
• Misc: Holding improvements
• Jump Ahead: Sim reduces to 1x when Jump Ahead is initiated
• EFB: Navigraph Chart Quality adjustable to reduce FPS impact
• SOUNDS: “Mute on lost focus” option (mute_on_lost_focus=0)
• CDU: Landing Weight can be entered/edited on Approach page
• HUD: Brightness control on QW CONFIG page added
Bae146 und 757 Kunden können somit auch auf Aktualisierungen in naher Zukunft hoffen.