PacSim veröffentlicht Salt Lake City

Der USA Szenerie-Boom setzt sich fort. Pacific Islands Simulation haben vor wenigen Stunden ihre Umsetzung von Salt Lake City veröffentlicht (KSLC) und damit ihren ersten Verkehrsflughafen auf dem nordamerikanischen Kontinent. Erstehen könnt ihr die Szenerie momentan nur direkt auf der PacSim-Seite für 35,50$.


 Accurate terminals 1 and 2, concourses, hangars and airport layout;  Salt City and suburbs;  HD custom runway and apron/tarmac textures;  Custom vegetation, buildings;  3D grass throughout airport;  Free high resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) photo real textures covering the Wasatch  and Oquirrh Mountains and Salt Lake valley;  Color-corrected ground and water textures to reflect real-world land and water colors;  Accurate hand-placed autogen that conforms with city, town, district, and farm grids;  Major landmarks and high-rise buildings;  Custom night light effects and street lighting throughout the airport and  surrounding areas;   Rotating beacons and receiver towers;  Static local ground service equipment, cars and planes;  AI ground vehicle conforms with real-world road grid;  Fully optimized for steady/smooth simulation experience. All autogen can be set to  the 100% with very little impact on FPS;  Custom Configuration Panel to manage VAS and FPS resources;  ….and more.

Known Third Party Compatibility Issues

There is reportedly known issue with Orbx’s FTX Vector files, resulting in unwanted duplications with KSLC custom terrain files, and default Microsoft FSX (and P3D) vector files. If you have FTX Vector, and see bridges appearing with (beneath or above) our custom bridges, simply run the FTX Vector tool to exclude its vector file bridges.
Orbx FTX Vector and Global products are also very taxing on various computer systems based on our own tests. The two products impact VAS and FPS significantly when running in combination with any PMDG products, especially B737 NGX and B777 aircrafts, FSL A320, ASN and REX weather engines, and  any third party AI aircraft programs. It is recommended that Vector and Global be turned off when using any of the aircraft mentioned above when using KSLC scenery.
KSLC comes with its own Scenery Configuration Tool also so it is highly recommended to use it to control/manage VAS resources and improve FPS. The tool has the ability to change season textures, especially vegetation and 3D grass.

KSLC SODE Jetway System and SODE vs 1.4.2.

The KSLC product comes with SODE supported semi-animated and fully animated jetway system. For the jetways to operate properly, it is essential to download the latest SODE program here: The latest version is SODE 1.4.2.

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