Nord-West-Schottland von Earth Simulations erschienen

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Neues von der Insel kommt von Earth Simulations. Bekannt vor allem durch die Umsetzung verschiedener Kanalinseln, haben sich die Designer diesmal großes vorgenommen. Das Vereinigte Königreich soll schöner werden – mit hochauflösender, photorealistischer Grafik, eigenem 5m-Mesh, handplatziertem 3D-Autogen, Jahreszeiten, Sound- und Grafikanimationen wie Vögeln, Schiffsverkehr, 3D-Lichtern und vielem mehr. Erhältlich ist aktuell die Region Nord-West-Schottland in 60 cm-Auflösung. Zum Shop geht es hier, die komplette Pressemitteilung lest ihr bei Klick auf

“Earth Simulations have until now been known for their highly detailed award winning UK Island Sceneries, and for producing Treescapes for the UK which was their first attempt at large scale area coverage of 3D. Now Earth Simulations have embarked upon a hugely ambitious project to create the most realistic large scale scenery ever seen in a flight simulation with PhotoGenESis and AutoGenESis. They aim to cover the whole UK in the highest detail Photographic and 3D scenery. This is a massive task and will take some time but has always been the ambition of Earth Simulations from the beginning. They don’t rush things and produce substandard results, it must be the best it can possibly be and they have a reputation for quality sceneries. Many years of planning, preparation, trial & error, gathering of resources, tools and skills have gone before this challenging undertaking.

PhotoGenESis 60cm Download

PhotoGenESis is Earth Simulations version of UK Photographic Scenery which has been extensively improved to provide beautifully realistic colour depth, clarity and wonderfully crisp images for you to fly over. Lines, clouds, blurriness and other imperfections in the original source data have been corrected to provide as near perfect results as possible. Now the Scottish Highlands can be seen in all its stunning colourful glory, no more ugly lines or bland colourless textures. Also included are night lights that have been designed to match and compliment the 3D AutoGenESis product which is also available by download. These night lights have been placed exactly where you would expect them to be, so no more lights turning up in the middle of fields or halfway up the mountain where they really shouldn’t be seen. Subtle effects giving very realistic results make for a pleasing night time environment.

This product also comes with winter textures for the winter months which transforms the Scottish Highlands into a subtle frost covered and snow dusted winter wonderland.

PhotoGenESis 30cm (Special Order)

The same as above but with the maximum possible 30cm resolution textures throughout. Supplied on disk drives that are available to purchase or pay a deposit and return to ES for refund. (For full details please visit the ES website and read delivery options and terms & conditions for this product). When purchasing this way you can also add the AutoGenESis 3D scenery to your disk drive at a discounted price, (more information).

AutoGenESis 3D Download

AutoGenESis 3D for FSX/P3D is fully compatible with GenerationX UK Photographic scenery, but for best results should be used with ES’s own PhotoGenESis.

Utilizing Earth Simulation’s advanced autogen North West Scotland is a stunningly beautiful geographic area for you to explore, with its dramatic mountainous terrain. This scenery goes way beyond the accepted standard. Earth Simulations advanced autogen provides 3D at densities not attempted before on such a large scale. As always with their latest release ES are pushing the boundaries. You’ll notice ES autogen objects are extremely varied and are scaled realistically too. Almost limitless variation is achieved using Earth Simulations advanced autogen.

Full night lights and effects are included in this product making the Scottish 3D scenery as attractive at night as it is in the daytime, especially when accompanied by ES’s Photographic scenery (PhotoGenESis), which provides matching light splash effects under each 3D street light. Intelligently placed, appearing realistically only where it should.

Housing and building textures have been worked on extensively to provide realistic night lighting with curtains, blinds and subtle shadow effects. Sequencing traffic lights are placed at road junctions where they exist in reality. Cars have tail lights, headlight and beam effects. Masts are lit, level crossings have animations and sequencing traffic lights. Boats are lit, telephone boxes, bus stops… etc. etc. Overall you can expect a most realistic night environment.

Full Autogenesis Feature List


  • Trees: Millions of accurately placed trees generated from Ordinance Survey data.

• Accurate by tree type (approximately) – coniferous, deciduous, mixed woodland.

• Hand placed Trees. We have gone over the scenery to add tens of thousands more trees by hand to fill in the gaps and correct areas in the source data.


• 19 New High Res Building Textures. All the housing has unique textures designed to suit UK and suitable for the land use area they are in.

• Great new night lighting effects. With curtains, blinds and different coloured lights.

• Approx 100 New High Res Roof Models & Textures. Brand new roof textures with 3D Chimneys, Skylight Windows, Dormer Windows, Solar Panels and other such stuff.

• Places of worship, churches and chapels all accurately placed and of approximately the right type.


• Post Boxes/Phone Boxes. Also placed approx where they are and lit at night.

• Bus Stops. Variety of bus stop models placed again approx where they are.

• Road Signs. Placed alongside roads.


• 3D Lamp posts with new lighting effects at night.

• Sequencing Traffic Lights. Approximately placed where they actually are in reality.

• Telegraph Poles.

• Pylons. Hand placed and accurate.

• Substations.

• Masts. Hand placed approx the right type and height with lights.

• Animated Wind farms. Accurately hand placed.

Rail Transport

• Static Trains. At railway stations.

• Gantries.

• Animated Level Crossings.

Boat Transport

• New animated Boat Traffic. New variety of living world boat models including yachts, fishing boats, pleasure boats with night lighting effects.

Bird Life

• Birds. Animated bird life scattered throughout the scenery.


A full environmental Soundscape across whole scenery provides ambient sound effects in keeping with the land usage…including:

• Birds (different types, woodlands, seagulls, geese, crows…)

• Church bells, singing choirs

• Cows, sheep, dog barking

• Crashing waves on the shoreline

• Emergency vehicle sirens

• Trains

…and many more”

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Sagt mal, das letzte Bild ist doch der Thunersee? Von wo stammt den das Bild, um welche Szenerie handelt es sich da?

Ich kenne den Thuner See nicht ‘live’. Die Bilder stammen aus der Pressemappe von Earth Simulations und beziehen sich auf den genannten Release von NW-Schottland.

Spanende Sache. Ich lebe in Thun darum ist es mir aufgefallen. Im Vordergrund währe der Berg Niesen, rechts davon der Flugplatz Reichenbach. Zwischen dem Thuner und Brienzersee liegt Interlaken. Also wen dort eine solche Szenerie in Entwicklung ist würde ich mich schon freuen 🙂

@Stefan K: ich habe den Vorgang nochmals geprüft. Das angesprochene Bild stammt nicht aus der Pressemappe von Earth Simulations, sondern aus einem anderen Artikel und ist irrtümlich in der slideshow enthalten. Da hat sozusagen der Klickfehlerteufel zugeschlagen.

Es wird also leider nichts mit einer ‘neuen Schweiz’. Braucht es auch nicht, denn dieser screenshot basiert auf bereits existierenden Produkten – allerdings in der X-Plane-Welt. Er wurde von Holger und Andras für den Artikel ‘Mesh und Landclass in der X-Plane-Welt’ verwendet.

Danke für die Aufklärung. Ich denke ihr habt mir gerade ein Argument geliefert mich mal wieder mit X-Plane zu beschäftigen.