Noch ein Canadair Regional Jet für X-Plane

AD Simulation und DeltaWing Simulations haben eine CRJ-700 für X-Plane veröffentlicht. Bei der Entwicklung haben laut Hersteller 5 reale CRJ Piloten geholfen. Der Funktionsumfang ließt sich recht ordentlich. Der Flieger ist für knapp 50 USD zu haben und ist damit preislich mit den Marktbegleitern auf einer Höhe.


  • Systems are modeled based on real life CRJ-700 aircraft. 5 CRJ real life pilots and few simulator enthusiasts were helping us to develop and make them work just like in real life.
  • Flight Control Panel knobs support fast scrolling via left mouse button press and hold and precise scrolling via mouse wheel scroll
  • Mode Control Panel SPEED and other modes simulate the real Autopilot modes on the CRJs. The screens are as close to the real ones as possible.

Center Glareshield

  • All Center Glareshield Knobs and Pushbuttons animated and functional


  • Displays are exceptionally crisp and with letters and symbols easily visible
  • PFD Primary Flight Display is modeled exactly as real life counterpart
  • MFD Multifunction Display can display following modes
    •    HSI The horizontal situation indicator shows the compass card with overlaid selectable navaids, bearing and course pointers
    •    NAV SECTOR Navigation display with compass card and a background map. The navigation display shows course pointer and deviation bar. VOR bearing and DME distance information is shown
    •    FMS MAP  Flight Management System Map shows the track and waypoints programmed in the CDU (Control Display Unit). FMS MAP shows the aircraft heading.
    •    TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System investigates the air traffic control transponders of nearby airplanes and identifies and displays potential and predicted collision threats.
    •    FMS PLAN MAP shows programmed waypoints of the route. Shows north at the top of the display. Waypoints can be selected by using UP and DOWN arrows on CDU (Control Display Unit)
    •    RADAR– to be implemented in future versions


    • PRI
    • STAT
    • ECS
    • HYD
    • ELEC (AC and DC)
    • FUEL
    • F/CTL
    • A/ICE
    • DOORS
    • CAS

PopUp Displays, movable, scalable able to be dragged to multiple monitors

  • Tablet/EFB
  • Captain and FO PFD (Primary Flight Display)
  • Captain and FO MFD (Multi Function Display)
  • Primary EICAS
  • Secondary EICAS
  • Left and Right CDU (Control Display Unit)

Skunks Updater

  • To be implemented in the future

Cockpit Lighting

There is FULL lighting implemented, FLOOD, INTEGRATED and DISPLAYS with animated knobs and switches. You can adjust the intensity of displays, panels and light in any combination you like. In addition CABIN LIGHTS and STAIR LIGHTS are also adjustable via corresponding switches in the back of the cockpit

External Lighting

  • FULL external lighting is available via animated corresponding switches


  • There is a Tablet and popup Menu WIP

Sounds  FMOD

Custom sounds are implemented using FMOD.

  • Engine sounds
  • Cockpit sounds: Avionics, Gyro, Relays, Fans (Packs), Controls (Buttons/switches, levers)
  • Warning sounds: Take-off
  • GPWS (Too Low Terrain, Too Low Gear, Too Low Flaps, Terrain Caution, Bank angle, Sink rate, Don’t-sink, Pull Up)
  • Autopilot, Fire, Alerts
  • Cabin sounds: Galley, Cooling
  • Exterior sounds: Gear Roll/Touch, APU, GPU, Flaps, Hydraulic and Fuel Pumps, Wind drag, Packs
  • Weather sounds: Wind, Rain, Thunder, Wind Gust (on the ground only)
  • Cabin and Cockpit muffing effect caused by Cockpit Door closed/open

Flight Model

  • Flight model has been carefully adjusted to match the real life CRJ-700. Real life CRJ-200/700/900 pilots were involved in the process.

Realistic wing flex

  • Wing Flex has been modelled and adjusted for realistic aircraft behavior


  • FMS and it’s Pop Up is customized as far as look but based on the Default X-Plane one.
  • Note: Default XP FMC is based on the Collins FMS-4200 and CRJ is using that one, no Honeywell and Thales types.

3D Modeling and Textures

  • Almost all maps are 4K High Resolution
  • Exterior is modeled with all details existing in real aircraft.
  • Pilots are visible in external views and turn thir heads slightly to ward camera view
  • Interior modeling has been made paying attention to details in the real life CRJ-700 cockpit.
  • Cabin and Stairs have adjustable lighting

Liveries included in the package are listed below


Unique Package Features

  • Stairs Rails can be raised and lowered (per customer request)
  • Cockpit shaders slide and rotate as you need them

VR Compatibly

  • Package is VR compatible but future enhancements will be added