Neues Update für Aerosoft’s Airbus X Extended

Aerosoft Airbus X ExtendedNächste Woche wird vermutlich das neueste Update für den Airbus X Extended mit der Nummer 1.15 veröffentlicht. In dem Forumseintrag gibt es neben einer Übersicht der bisherigen Versionen auch noch den Hinweis, dass in dem neuen Update eine vollständig lizenzierte Version des Programmes “Multi Crew Experience” enthalten ist, welche ausschließlich mit dem Airbus funktionieren wird.
Wer den Airbus noch nicht besitzt, kann ihn u.a. im simMarket erstehen oder sich das passende Review dazu durchlesen.

Alle Inhalte des Updates findet Ihr unter

o WHEEL GEAR NOT DOWN appearing when Thrust set to TOGA Fixed.
o Now dimmable
o Fixed Cruise Page showing after Gear Down and below 16000 ft.
o Fixed Stuck at WHEEL Page after both engine shut down.

MCDU (left)
o ALTN Functions significantly reworked
o SEC FPLN significantly reworked
o Minor Fixes to DME Arcs
o GO AROUND phase problems mostly solved
o CI Range changed to 0‐999
o Independant Radios for VOR1,VOR2,ILS1
o Added full support for LOC Approach
o BRG/DIST in PROG page updated constantly now.
o ”CF” waypoint was on the wrong side when selecting a runway without final approach
o VAPP in PERF APPR page changeable
o DH changed to RADIO, MDA changed to BARO
o RADIO accepts ‘NO’ as a field
o ALT Predications significantly reworked
o PPOS Mode added after discon
o Some cases of wrong HOLD exit curved fixed
o Vspeeds Fixed.

o XTK should remain active even in HDG mode
o Full Approach name now displayed (eg: ILS APP now to ILS27)
o Optimizations to code
o Energy Circle Added
o If VOR1 is auto tuned, a “‐‐‐” is now displayed in VOR ROSE mode in upper right corner
o ”TRU” and indication of approach name do no longer partly overlap
o Chrono display: Position and size slightly changed, also background colour changed
to grey

o Fixed THR CLB when ALT* active.
o Fixed Flap 3 Config no F Speed on PFD.
o Fixed Managed DES ECON Speed profile showing when leveled off.

o Custom EGT
o Engine Startup tweaked to be longer now
o BLEED OFF PROVIDE 0.7 % increase in N1.
o Increase N1 Acceleration a bit

o Chrono Clocked Fixed
o Retard not called out once when thrust levers at IDLE
o Fixed AUTOLAND Light Lighting up above 200 FT RA.
o Autotrim not trimming in previous version fixed.
o Fixed Preselect HDG Take‐off.
o Max ND Symbols default settings lowered to 100.
o Webserver off by default.
o FMGS, FBW, ASINPUT logging off by default
o Variable IRS Alignment Time based on lat pos of aircraft.
o Fixed Early Descend (‐1000fpm) wrongly activated when OP DES from ALT CRZ.
o VC Click spot mouse wheel scrolling now standardized

The English and German tutorial has been modified to fit with the functions of this release.
o Some screenshots have been modified based on the MCDU PERF APPR page change
from MDA/DH to RADIO and BARO
o The GA (Go Around) Checklist / Co‐pilot functions have been extended (chapter
o Also included is a tutorial part how to set up the MCDU in case of a diversion to an
alternate destination airport (ALTN) and how to work with alternate company routes
(ALT CO RTE). Details you will find in chapter 7.
o NPA (non‐precision approach) the chapter has been completely reworked and some
general explanations added (based on the information of a real A320 pilot).

Aircraft States
o The four aircraft states have been modified. All FCU settings of the COLD / DARK
state have been set to a minimum respectively to 000 whereas the TURNAROUND
state loads now exactly like after a “managed” ILS‐landing. The TAXI and TAKE‐OFF
states are fully “managed” and the first altitude for both states is set to 7.000 feet.

View System
o There were graphic “artefacts” respectively PFD, ND, UPPER and LOWER ECAM were
“greyed out” if WING VIEWS were set to ON and the user changed between FULL
SCREEN and WINDOW view mode. Those problems have been solved.
o MCDU (separate window)
o The left MCDU can be opened as a separate window. The key combination to open
this window has been changed and is now SHIFT+2.

FCU Displays
o Modified / enhanced to fit much more with the “real” Airbus.

Checklist‐ / Co‐pilot Functionality
o Speed Brake deployed / GND Spoilers Armed
o During the Landing CL the GND SPLRS are armed by the Co‐pilot. If the Speed Brakes
are deployed this is now recognized by the Co‐pilot.
o Cabin crew “Landing” announcement during Take‐off
o The code has been modified so that should not happen again.
o Panel Bar (day and night view)
o The day and night views are no longer depending on the overhead panel light but on
the FSX “current time” setting.
o Switch Positions
o The switch positions e. g. for TCAS and TILT, as well as for the various others
switches like signs, lights etc. have been newly programmed and the checklist as well
as co‐pilot function adjusted.
o Co‐pilot entering ALT values
o The ALT values (first altitude after Take‐off and GA altitude will be entered by the
co‐pilot in visible steps (with sound) and also considering the 100 and 1000 switch.
o Cabin‐crew Take‐off call
o The cabin‐crew Take‐off call now starts app. one plane length before the runway
holding point (instead of during taxiing to the runway).
o Doors automatically closing
o If the plane is “relocated” after loading the COLD/DARK state e. g. the gate is
changed, then FSX automatically closes the doors and the COCKPIT PREPARATION
checklist did not start. With this release the LEFT FRONT door then automatically is
opened again.
o Go Around Altitude: for some airports there is no GA flight path / altitude available
in the NAV DB. In such a case the co‐pilot sets the GA altitude automatically to 5.000

o New AIRAC 1309 included

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Da bin ich mal gespannt, wie die Community auf MCE reagiert. Das Tool ist an und für sich gar nicht schlecht. Das Problem ist nur, dass es nicht multilingual ist. Alle Vista/Windows 7 Systeme “tiefer” als Professional müssen die englische Spracherkennung dadurch “erkaufen”, dass sie auf englisch umgestellt werden müssen (z.B. mit dem Vistalizator). Nur Vista/Windows 7 Professional kann die englische Spracherkennung auch in einer z.B. deutschsprachigen Version benutzen.

Die angekündigten Änderungen/Verbesserungen lesen sich schon mal gut. Hoffentlich findet das auch alles so statt… 😉

Mir war so, dass es wie bei FS2Crew nur mit Ultimate ohne Probleme ging?

Vistalizator ist die Antwort für alle ohne englisches OS und/oder Ultimate. Bei zum Download bereit.

Ja schon, aber vielleicht will nicht jeder sein deutsches Win 7 auf englisch umstellen… 😀

Ja, könnte durchaus sein. Ich habe ein bisschen die Übersicht verloren 🙂 Jedenfalls geht’s bei Win 7 Home Premium definitv nicht. Kann aber schon sein, dass erst ab Win 7 Ultimate die Spracherkennung unabhängig von der Betriebssystem-Sprache möglich ist. Jedenfalls dürfte eine solche Einschränkung ziemlich einschneidend sein, da im deutschsprachigen Raum sehr viele deutsche Home Premium Versionen im Einsatz sind.