Neues PMDG Service Pack [EDIT:] eben erschienen!

PMDG 777-300ER

Schön zu hören, dass PMDG weiter an ihrer Boeing 777 arbeitet. So kündigte PMDG in Facebook die Veröffentlichung des Service Pack B1 für heute Nachmittag US Ostküstenzeit an. Somit dürfen wir mit einem Release im Verlauf des Abends/ der Nacht rechnen.


Das Paket wurde soeben veröffentlicht. Angaben zu Bezug und Installation unter… (Quelle: PMDG Facebook)


You can download the SP1b patch update from our updates page at this location:

This installer is universal, and will update you from either the v1.0 (Original Release of the 777) or the v1.10 (SP1 Release of the 777).*

*Note that a dozen or so users received “Test Updates” from our tech support team as part of our trouble-shooting/data collection process. Those users may need to completely reinstall the 777, as this patch will not detect the test versions as valid updates…

After you have run the installation, run the OPERATIONS CENTER and it will advise you that your Liveries need to be corrected. Simply click on the menu to authorize the O.C. doing the work for you- and you will be up and running in about 4 seconds… (This is the beauty of the OC… Remember when you had to install 3,000 liveries by hand?)


We made a few minor cosmetic changes to the 300ER models and textures as well, and updated the 300ER installer that is inside your account at our ecommerce system. These updates are mostly really minor, but if you want the very latest please feel free to grab another copy of the 300ER from your download account.


We are still working to find/replicate and resolve issues related to FSX Pauses and aircraft heading wandering during time-accelerated flight. We have no further updates on these two items tonight, but we hope to relatively soon.

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Ja wenn die obernoble PMDG nichts mehr für den FS9 macht
interessiert mich das nix mehr.
Eine Firma die glaubt nur mit X in die Ränge zu kommen ist
eben gestorben.

Ist doch wahr, da entwickelt PMDG für SP1 77W und was Gott noch
aber den FS9 ist ja schon längst nicht Geschichte.