Neue Version: Dinos Tomcat


Produktpflege: Im März veröffentlichte Dino Cattaneo die Version 2 seiner F-14D Tomcat (wir berichteten). Jetzt hat er das Freeware-Addon auf die Version 2.11 aufdatiert, die hier heruntergeladen werden kann. Den Changelog findet Ihr im erweiterteten Textteil und darüber hinausgehende Infos auf seiner Website.

Version 2.10 (offene Beta):

-added weapon models: AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, GBU-31, GBU-10, GBU-12, Mk.82, Mk.83, Mk.84 (weight dependant, see manual)
-added Lantirn Pod model
-fixed tailhook design 
-fixed taileron pivot position
-fixed miscellaneous texturing errors
-changed RIO-cockpit 3D model geometry (now correctly mimics a typical F-14D Rio Station)
-fixed wheel anti-skid function
-revised RIO displays functionalities and graphics
-addeed landing gear kneel animation when launch bar retracts
-fixed RIO station fuel indicators
-Added limited integration with Vertical Reality Simulations Tacpack package version or above (see below)
-Added Weapons Systems Reference Document for Tacpack Functionalities
-Added Weapons Configurator for Tacpack weapons
-Partial rework of sound cues
-Reworked engine performance in attept to achive a more realistic behavior
-Improved special effects (a/B, heat shimmer)
-Minor changes to roll rate and general handling for realism
-Added Miscellaneous Repaints courtesy of Jiri Soukup and Groom Lake Simulations.


Version 2.11:

– fixed the AIM-7 mounting position for STA1B and 8B
– fixed the taileron animation
– improved the Lantirn pod material rendering
– fix the main landing gear animation speed
– added HUD indications for Tacpack-generated Tacans (the boat and the refueling tanker)
– added HUD indications for Tacpack-generated Carrier ILS (note ILS fequency is automatically tuned once the Tacan is tuned with NAV1 Radio)

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