Modellpflege für Orbx Bilbao

Orbx, bzw. Marcus Nyberg hat im hauseigenen Forum die Details zum kommenden Bilbao (LEBB) Update bekanntgegeben. Allerhand Arbeit ist in das Remake geflossen, wie der Changelog zeigt. Marcus gibt ausdrücklich zu bedenken, dass nicht alle Features im FSX zur Verfügung stehen werden. Einen release Termin kann er ebenfalls noch nicht nennen.

Feature list:
– New high-res textures for terminal area
– Completely new high-res ground textures with normal maps
– SODE-gates
– Approach for runway 12/30 has gotten a massive upgrade with roughly 200 new building types and variations making the whole area come to life in a whole new way
– Southern approach has gotten mountain ranges included and wind farms, making the whole decent to a new experience
– Ambient light effect has been added to the whole city creating a mind blowing night scenario
– New water puddle effect at the airport,
– New crisp terrain features at the terminal area
– Upgraded cargo area
– New AFCAD by Urmel that better reflects real life operations and is optimized to be AI-friendly.
– A lot of small fixes

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