KBWI Baltimore-Washington Int’l Airport

LatinVFR hat uns soeben die neusten Bilder von BWI zugesendet. Der vor allem bei Biligfliegern genutze Airport wird für P3DV4 vorrausichtlich nächste Woche erscheinen.

Hello Folks,

Its been some time since our last release, today I wish to present you WIP shots of our next release which is Baltimore-Washintgon Int’l airport KBWI.

The scenery as shown is P3dv4, though we should plan and see if an FSX version is possible, pending on memory and vas levels once we water it down.

It will have, season switcher, SODE and Ctrl+J jetways (two options)

The airport is sitting on a 3D mesh, allowing the airport not to be 100% flat, only the runways, aprons and taxiways will be flat but grass and sorrounding areas will be sitting on variable terrain. Downtown Baltimore is also going to be represented… among with many other cool features.