Javier Rollons CRJ – Version 1.2 verfügbar

CRJ-Piloten, die mit Javier Rollons Umsetzung in X-Plane unterwegs sind, können sich nun Version 1.2 herunterladen. Knappe 360MB ist der Download schwer. Die Update Info findet sich hier im Forum von X-Aviation, oder durch “weiterlesen”.  Wer jetzt zuschlagen möchte, kann die CRJ für 60 USD auf X-Aviation kaufen.

The following is a list of additions/fixes included:

  • Added sounds from Turbine Sound Studios to the CRJ200.
  • Added custom sounds (introduction to sound plugin. More to come in future updates)
  •   orrected Navigation Display projection to work with legs crossing the 180 meridian
  • Corrected insertion of missed approach waypoints, fixing a potential issue when the missed approach and the approach transition contain the same waypoint
  •  Corrected calculation of remaining distance to not include missed approach
  • Fixed crash when selecting a new SID without re-selecting runway
  • Corrected insertion of RNAV approach transitions that do not depend on STARs
  • Corrected APU fuel consumption (didn’t use any fuel before) and inhibit APU start when fuel in feeder tank is insufficient.
  • Small fixes to improve stability, fixed some issues that could cause X-Plane to freeze
  • MAC only: transition to a new compiler and SDK, improving overall fluidity by better optimizations. These optimizations require at least OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard to work.


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