IXEG 737 auf Version 1.33 aktualisiert

Besitzer der IXEG 737 für X-Plane wurden heute informiert, dass Version 1.33 verfügbar ist. Es wurden verschiedene Bugs beseitigt, aber auch Verbesserungen und ein neues Feature hinzugefügt. Die entsprechende Übersicht findet Ihr am Ende des Artikels. Wer die IXEG 737 noch nicht besitzt, kann sie derzeit für knapp 50 USD (regulär 75 USD) bei X-Aviation.com kaufen.

Here’s what’s changed in version 1.33:

What’s New / Changed:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed gizmo crash when picking a runway that is not supported by the selected STAR
  • Fixed gizmo crash when selecting certain procedures while the LEGS page is open on left CDU.
  • Fixed spelling error that caused problems with case sensitive operating systems
  • Fixed rolling digits behaviour on FLT ALT (pressurization) window when scrolling down with mousewheel
  • Fixed EGT indicator needle on steam instruments not pointing to correct values
  • Fixed FO side glass pane not moving with sliding window
  • Fixed weird altitude restrictions shown, like 0000A/5000B
  • Prevent wind display going blank in flight with strong headwind and low groundspeed
  • Prevent windshear warning going off when not warranted
  • Fixed various lua errors related to procedure selection


  • Made N1 fan disk be opaque when viewing engine from behind while running
  • Enabled fire warning/fire fighting and auto-shutdown for APU
  • Enabled engines to restart after extinguishing a fire without having to reload aircraft
  • Implemented full ignition system behaviour (electrical supply, start- and selection switch dependencies)
  • Increased “grab area” of both-throttle manipulator for VR and mouse users
  • Adjusted “grab area” of engine start switches to be more intuitive


  • Added many custom commands that can be mapped to hardware or keys
    Added 8.33kHz support for the radios