Fly the Maddog X public Beta *jetzt verfügbar

Die experimentierfreudigen unter euch könne sich auf eine publich Beta für die Maddog freuen. Ein release war/ ist für dieses Wochenende angekündigt und kann über das hauseigenen Forum bezogen werden. Zum Changelog, hier entlang

During this weekend we will publish the open beta 1.2b254. I remind you the download will be available only via our official forum, and requires 1.1.0 version installed on your simulator. If you are not already registered do it, with the same address used for activating it. It’s an incremental ‘open beta’, it means no more uninstalling of previous versions, and no support is given until it turns into an official release. Here follows the changelog:

– (AS WXRadar) wrong range on ND CM2 WX image when both ND ON.
– (AS WXRadar) no radar image for range 80 or greater.
– (CDU Remote) CDU 2 not working with CDU Remote interface.
– (FDE) fine tuning of ground effect and idle taxi power.
– (FDE) contact points tweak.
– (FMS) ETA differences between leg page and prog page (EN ROUTE WPT).
– (FMS) display of dntrk on ND when not intercepting leg.
– (FMS) missing ‘NOT IN DATABASE’ message when LSKeing non-existing airway.
– (FMS) pressing ‘ERASE’ after changing crz alt would not undo the change.
– (FMS) wrong fix altitude calculation for certain descent/approaches.
– (Load manager) conflict of RealLight setting and FS2Crew setting.
– (Load manager) wrong calculation of TOI for limited wing fuel schedule.
– (Panel) TrueGlass disabled when RealLight disabled.
– (Panel) blurry breakers texture (panel behind CM1).
– (Panel) missing breakers flood light.
– (Panel) missing vc light .fx file in FSX installer.
– (Panel) wrong QNH in speed chart.
– (Panel) incomplete aircraft registration text in speed chart.
– (Views) external wing view with vc in wide mode.

– (FMS) separated transition altitude/transition level.
– (FMS) support for reading airport-based transition altitude/level from Navigraph Airac.
– (FMS) LSKeing dntrk info (FIX page) will copy on scratchpad user wpt data.
– (FMS) second FIX page.
– (FMS) when configuring aircraft ‘Ready to Fly’ from ‘add-on menu’, route and data are not reset.
– (Load manager) Load/Save setup and configuration file.
– (Load manager) Load manager checks online for new versions (manual download and install).

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