Flightbeam – Minneapolis bei Nacht

Neben den neuen Bildern, hat Flightbeam auch nähere Angaben zum bald erscheinenden Flightbeam Manager gemacht. Dieser wird die Flightbeam Szenerien vom FSDT Manager entkoppeln und so bessere Einstellungsmöglichkeiten ermöglichen.

A collection of the latest screenshots, featuring night-time dynamic lighting in P3D v4.
A lot of effort went into optimization of the dynamic lights to ensure the best balance of visuals and performance. Want the best possible performance? Our new Flightbeam Manager configuration program will allow you to change a large set of features at KMSP, including turning of Dynamic Lighting, limiting the number of vehicles, removing static aircraft and much more. The days of manually editing filenames are over.
Previews of our brand new Flightbeam Manager is coming later this week, so check back soon! I’m very excited to show you what has been built.
As mentioned before, after the release of KMSP, we will be migrating our products from FSDT’s Addon Manager to the Flightbeam Manager. So expect an equal amount of simplicity, user-friendly interface and scenery customization features for all our previous products as well. Quelle

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