Erstes Update für die VERTX DA62

Für die beachtenswerte Umsetzung der DA62 von Sean Molony (ehemals RealAir) gibt es den ersten Patch auf 1.041. Der Installer kann im Kundenaccount der VERTX Homepage runtergeladen werden. Der Changelog ist wie folgt:

• Fixed a problem that occurred when a customer used a special character (for example: ü, è, ß) in the name field during installation. This particular problem caused the config.xml file to be unreadable in P3D, and that caused a range of problems, the most obvious being the G1000 and engine sounds would run very slowly.

• Fixed a problem that occurred when a customer’s P3D installation did not already have a DLL.xml file present. This problem caused a corrupted DLL.xml file to be written, and that caused the XMLTools.dll module to not load, and that caused a range of major problems in the G1000.

• Added a new page to the Config App – the ‘Advanced’ page. This page adds a number of options that allow a customer to repair the DA62 installation it becomes corrupted in some way or if it does not install correctly in the first place.

• Added a slider to the Config App that allows a customer to vary the G1000 ‘Code Limiter’ variable. This can be used to help fix certain problems that might be experienced.

• Added a new section to the User Guide to explain the ‘Advanced’ Config App options.

• Altered the engine code to fix a problem that could cause extremely high engine RPM, which would also lead to a loss of control. Please note: this particular bug is not reproducible so I can’t be 100% certain that the problem has been fixed.

• Altered the ECU engine run-up test so that maximum RPM is around 1900 RPM, instead of the 2100 RPM of the previous version. This more closely matches the real DA62.

• Removed a section of code that set the Engine Master switches to be in the off position whenever the P3D ‘Engine Auto Shutdown’ key event is detected. Hardware devices and/or FSUIPC could be sending out this key event without a customer be aware of it, and that would cause the Engine Master switches to become stuck in the ‘off’ position.

• Added an option to the config app to disable the detection of a number of engine key events. This is to help fix any potential hardware/FSUIPC conflicts.

• New version of dsd_sound DLL module. With this new version of the module, sounds will continue to play when the P3D window is not in focus.

• Added a desktop shortcut for the User Guide, to make the guide easier to find.

• Changed installer so that it deletes any existing files prior to installation. This is to ensure there are no obsolete files or corrupted files after a re-install.

• Various other minor code refinements.