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Just Flight hat heute Bilder aus der aktuellen Entwicklung von Traffic Global veröffentlicht. Das bald erscheinende Ai Traffic Programm bildet die aktuelle Weiterentwicklung der “legendary Traffic” Serie. Traffic Global wird als Eary Access verfügbar sein.It’s been twenty years since Just Flight published the first instalment in the legendary Traffic series. Now Traffic Global, the latest and greatest edition, is ready to begin populating the virtual skies and once again make your flight environment ‘as busy as it gets’.

Traffic Global has been designed for the latest incarnations of Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. It features thousands of individual commercial airline AI aircraft that have been built from the ground up to provide unprecedented levels of realism and immersiveness.

The traffic database that powers the AI flights is sourced from the same suppliers that power many of the popular ‘flight tracking’ apps and websites, thus providing our most realistic representation of real-world airport traffic yet.

  • Accurate flight plans generated using real-world airline schedule data, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic.
  • Detailed but FPS-efficient aircraft models – carefully designed aircraft that will bring your airports to life and also keep airport operations running smoothly. Aircraft include great features such as animated engine fans, authentic night lighting and integrated external lighting effects.
  • Covers all the latest and most common aircraft types which are currently in use, including the 787, A380, A320neo and A350.
  • Customisable – powerful tools let you explore and take full control of the supplied AI schedules. You can also create and edit your own database of custom single-leg or multi-leg AI traffic flights and add your own repaints.

EARLY ACCESS – Early Access means that Traffic Global is not yet 100% complete, but is at an advanced stage of development and ready for early adopters who are keen to see what’s new and to provide their input, if they wish, to help the developer in adding new features and resolving issues in the final stages of its development. As this AI expansion covers hundreds of aircraft using thousands of airports powered by tens of thousands of real-life flight plans, inevitably there may be bugs, issues and missing or incomplete functionality in this Early Access version.

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5 Jahre zuvor

Die Modelle sehen auf den ersten Blick mal gar nicht so übel aus, wie ich befürchtet hatte. Allerdings auch kein Vergleich zu den Freeware/Payware-Modellen, welche bspw. meinen UT2 füllen. Keine Ahnung, ob dem Ersteller der Modelle dieser Hochglanz-Plastik-Look gefällt, mir nicht wirklich. Trotzdem bin ich gespannt, was das Produkt bieten wird, UTLive ist ja nicht so das Gelbe vom Ei.