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Majestic hat gestern ein Development Update zur Q400 und zur Q300 auf Facebook veröffentlicht. Primär richtet es sich an Cockpitbauer und Multi – Monitor Benutzer. Zum kompletten Statement hier entlang.And in the news today, We are revealing a quick glimpse of what’s been going on since our last announcement back in October, which was the release of the P3D v4.x version of the Q400.

The Multi-Monitor Panel:

While this may not be exhilarating news for most, the enthusiasts and cockpit builders should appreciate this new development which will enhance the upcoming TRAINING Edition of the Q400 – The Multi-Monitor Panel.

These panels will allow users to control all knobs and switches via finger manipulation. Also, the glare-shield (not shown in the image, for the time being) will be split into several sections, along with other components of the flight deck, which too shall have finger control functionality. The stand-alone Captain and First Officer panels “will not” have finger control functionality.

Many of you are reading expeditiously through the Q400 information with hopes that we would be adding an update on the long-awaited Q300 v2. Many have sent personal messages to us via Facebook and our Support asking daily “if the Q300 project has been postponed?” No, the Q300 project is very much still in work, but we have to put our focus more so now that before into the Q400 so that it can be released hopefully soon. We are approaching the final stages of development, and then begin the next round of beta testing. We will be sure to share updates as we see fit on the Q300, kindly be patient.

As always, we thank you all for your continued support.

The Majestic Software Team

[Oleksiy, Simeon, Dimitri & Nikolai]