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Fix list:

Corrections to panel.cfg file
VC AP VS wheel would not increase VS, fixed
FD did not properly indicate V2+10 when speed command on
Rolling sound when aircraft is stationary fixed
Added 16:10 display option
AOM updated
User Manual updated
Switches on VHF NAV panel in VC were reversed
Cockpit and cabin temperature simulation corrected
Cabin climb indicator corrected
Heading select issue corrected
Altitude alert on descent fixed
Flight dynamics adjusted
BATT VOLT/AMPS readout corrected
“Manual braking” callout removed
Anti-skid lights on when parking brake set
Pushback stops when hitting brakes/parking brake
80 knots callout on landing fixed
COM operation adjusted
Main outside view corrected
CTD loading some FS9 style flight plans in NavSim
APU running without fuel fixed
Elevator trimming tuned to 1/3 degree per second
ADF tuning in VC fixed
Mad autopilot not so mad anymore
Numerous texture corrections on both VC and external model
Auto config now sets flaps 40 for landing
Added night lighting to cabin
VC mouse input corrected on a number of switches

But is only BETA Fix !