BETA die 8. – Action!

Die Wettergötter von HIFI Simulation Technologies haben eine neue BETA für ASP3D (P3Dv5) veröffentlicht. Eine Reihe von Bugfixes und Verbesserungen erwarten die Nutzer. Das Update kann wie gewohnt von der Webseite heruntergeladen und über die bestehende Installation installiert werden.

Beta #8 (B7514)

  • Fixed potential interpolation issue related to high-elevation airports and temperature
  • Attempted to prevent ASUtils crash when sim crashes
  • Adjusted initialization delay to prevent potential sim connection/ASUtils issue
  • Changed download failure/retry process to provide longer retry periods with more passive notification
  • Changed download failure for a corrupt dataset to prevent immediate shutdown and instead retry normally
  • Changed historical/sim-time date/time validation to require and force the time selection to be at least 2 hours from current time (historical datasets require up to 2 hours to finish archival and validation)
  • Added automatic population of audio devices in Audio Options when clicking on the device selection list and user has not yet pressed “Scan Audio Devices”
  • Added new server for wx downloads with improved load balancing that should result in improved performance during peak usage times
  • Added new handling for Connector install process to prevent potential duplicated add-on folders/entries which could create conflicting add-on modules loaded and result in stability problems and other issues
  • Added new warning message shown when multiple duplicated add-on folders/entries are detected due to previous installation issues, which could result in stability problems and other issues – If this error shows, you must uninstall, deactivate or manually remove any duplicate ASP3D Connector add-on folders/entries

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