Airline2Sim mit neuer Produktlinie

Airline2Sim, bekannt durch ihr Dash-8 und Boeing 777 Training, hat eine neue Produktlinie angekündigt. Diese sogenannten LowCost Tutorials behandeln die korrekte Operation an bestimmten Flughäfen. Dabei erklären Piloten wie man sich korrekt am jeweiligen Airport bewegt. Den Anfang mach Airport2Sim Amsterdam.

So guys, soon I’ll be previewing the first of our latest product line – Airport2Sim Amsterdam. This is a new series of low cost tutorials that we can produce relatively quickly, along with a completely revamped GSX config that will help you to operate to and from some of the most complex airports in the sim. We intend to release these periodically in between major Airline2Sim Training products, which of course take many months to produce.

Our first product features James McDonald, a First Officer based out of Amsterdam for a well known European carrier. He will be talking you through all aspects of operating to and from this busy, complex airport so that you will be able to fly here and know your way around exactly as they do in real life. ETA for this is in the next couple of weeks.

The GSX config we have included as a bonus and adds the advanced GSX safedocks to each and every single airliner gate (or AGNIS PAPA to the remote stands, as in real life) fixes all the stop and pushback positions, labels the pushback direction and fixes or prevents broken or nonsensical pushbacks. We have also custom placed all the ground handling equipment to prevent clashes with ground objects and scenery (no more push back tugs sticking out of the terminal!) and optimized stands for the most suitable aircraft type.

Airport2Sim Amsterdam – coming soon!

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