Aeroplane Heaven – Hawker Typhoon

Der Release scheint nicht mehr als zu weit entfernt zu sein. Darauf deuten zumindest die Bilder der Hawker Typhoon MK1b, welche Aeroplane Heaven auf ihrer Facebookseite jüngst veröffentlichte. Weitere Bilder und Details unter…



Although plagued with production problems, when introduced in 1941, the Typhoon was the only RAF fornt-line fighter capable of keeping up with the new Focke-Wulf FW190. Affectionately known by many as the “Tiffy”, once refined and improved, the big Hawker became a formidable weapon used mainly for ground-attack and tank-busting duties. A major contributor to the success of the D-Day landings and many successful long-range ground attack missions to follow, the Hawker Typhoon rightfully earns its place in aviation history alongside its illustrious stable mate, the Hawker Hurricane.

This model depicts the Mk1 B version with bubble canopy. It comes with selectable rockets, bombs and long-range tanks and includes a large array of special animations and fully functional, highly accurate virtual cockpit.

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